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Pastor David answers the question, “Is making disciples a command to individuals or a call to churches?”

This is precisely the kind of question you can expect to hear unpacked and expanded upon at the Multiply Gathering. To register for the Multiply Gathering (for free!), go here.

  • If most Christians are aware of the Great Commission, why is Multiply necessary? Pastor David talks about the tendency among Christians to relegate the command to make disciples to others who seem more qualified, such as church leaders. Instead, we ought to see the task of making disciples as the responsibility and privilege of every follower of Christ.

    To learn more about Multiply, go here.

    To learn more about the Multiply Gathering, go here.

    To register for the Multiply Gathering (for free!), go here.

    David and Francis talk about why the church is so necessary as we seek to disciple others. This video is one of 24 Leader Videos available for free on the website.

    Each of the 24 lessons in the Multiply Material contains a Leader Video in which David and Francis offer encouragement and counsel related to the lesson. You can check that out here.

    There are 9 days until the Multiply Gathering. If you haven’t already, you can register here.


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