The Multiply Gathering

In this video Francis Chan and David Platt talk about the purpose of the Multiply Gathering on Nov. 9th & Nov. 10th of this year.  The Gathering is a time for us to join together in local churches and homes to challenge one another, confess our sins and weaknesses, and receive encouragement to make disciples of all nations.  Francis and David will share more about their burden for the local church and the much neglected call to make disciples of all nations.

Attend the Gathering in November

— The Gathering will be held on Friday, Nov. 9th at The Church at Brook Hills (Birmingham) & Saturday, Nov. 10th at the SF Impact Rescue Mission (San Francisco). David and Francis will each be speaking on both nights in both locations.  The content for each night will be the same. Choose the night that works best for you.

— The Gathering is designed for your participation via a free webcast in homes, churches, etc. Tickets to the Birmingham venue are not available at this time. (The San Francisco location will not be made open to the public due to the extremely limited seating capacity of the Rescue Mission).

— To be a part of the Multiply Gathering in November, register here to watch via a FREE webcast. And be sure to register ASAP to get updates and information about the Gathering as soon as they become available. Closer to the event those registered will receive an email with the necessary links for the webcast.

In conjunction with the Gathering, free discipleship material will be made available for download on the Multiply website. Stay tuned for more about this material and its design to aid you as you seek to teach others what it means to follow Christ.

If you would like to receive email updates about Multiply, including the Multiply Gatherings, fill out this short form and we’ll add you to our mailing list:
  1. How does one get set up to view the webcast in a church or home that is not in Birmingham or San Francisco?

    • Greg – You can register for the webcast at

      • Greg Jackson said:

        Oh I did register already. I thought I was registering to try to get in at Birmingham. I just misread the email I received. Sorry. Now, I assume you will provide links later for viewing via Internet from anywhere on Nov 9. Thanks.

      • Yes, we will send an email with the URL a week or two before the Gatherings.

  2. Millie Hawley said:

    Is it going to be possible for us Brits across the pond to join in, have a midnight feast and watch it here in our Pajamas?

    • Millie – We would love for you to join us from “across the pond”! You can register at We will send a link a week or so before the Gathering so you can log in and join us.

      • cherry said:

        I’m from “across the pond” too – the webcasts will be between about 1-4 am in the UK. I’ve looked into trying to record a webcast but am not confident about being able to record 3hours worth, though I don’t mind setting my alarm clock to get up and press the ‘record’ button.
        Please, (if there is someone on the techie team who might have the time to look into this as a gift to us Brits) might it be possible to have a way of showing one of the webcasts during the day/evening in the UK? Depending on the time of day we could then make it a church event.
        Thank you for reading this!

      • Cherry – There will be a way to delay the start of the webcast so you can start at a more convenient time for you. I’m not sure of all the technical details of how that will happen, but we’ll definitely provide more specifics as we know them.

  3. B & K said:

    We are SO excited for this “Multiply” event! We are feeling the pull to the mission field – in fact, we leave in December. We got rid of the house, got rid of all our stuff, resigned from our jobs and it’s been so freeing! Since we are “too old” (over 50’s) our mission board will not “send” us. We are totally relying on our Lord to provide – HE is our provider after all! Thank you for this challenge to us to make disciples and multiply! This is what we pray we will do as we go reach unreached groups!

  4. Barry Billings said:

    Can you attend in person and do you have to register to do so?

    • Barry – Right now, the only option is to register for the webcast ( If something changes, we’ll be sure to make an announcement.

  5. melvina said:

    when will tickets be available for the Alabama location?

    • Melvina – The venues for the Multiply Gatherings are not open to the general public. We are inviting individuals, small groups and churches to participate by hosting a Multiply Gathering and showing the webcast on either night.

  6. Susan Bowles said:

    Do you have a listing of churches that will be hosting the webcast?

    • Susan – We have created a partial list of churches here. Keep checking back if you don’t see a church near you as the list is being updated daily.

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