We’re Coming to Your Home!

Some questions have come in regarding the free webcast for the Multiply Gathering, so here are a few points of clarification:

There’s no need to travel. You participate in the Multiply Gathering via free webcast from your own home, church, or anywhere else with an internet connection. Tickets will not be sold for the Gathering venues in Birmingham and San Francisco. Simply choose the day and time that works best for you: Friday, Nov. 9th from 7-10pm (Central) OR Saturday, Nov. 10th from 6-9pm (Pacific). Then, on that night, you’ll join us via the web and participate “live” with David and Francis.

We’d like to encourage small groups and churches to gather together and host the webcast.  If you’re already registered for the webcast, invite some friends to join you!

— The content for both nights will be the same. Both David Platt and Francis Chan will be speaking at each venue. Same speakers, same content, but perhaps a little different “feel” due to the location.

You must register in order to participate in the webcast, which you can do right here. After you register, you should receive a confirmation email. Prior to the night of the Gathering, you will receive more information about the Gathering and you will be given instructions on how to access the webcast and test your connection.

Hopefully this answers some questions you might have. If you have additional questions, you can post them here, on the blog, or on our Facebook page – Facebook.com/GoMultiply – and we’ll do our best to answer them.  We look forward to your participation in the Multiply Gathering!

  1. We’ve registered to host a gathering on Friday night, but we’re EST….does that mean ours will begin at 8pm?

    • We’re so glad you’ll be joining us on Friday night! Yes, we will get started here in Birmingham at 7pm CST on Friday night, which will be 8pm EST.

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