Disciple-Making and the Church

David Platt talks about how disciple-making should fit in to the church’s priorities. Join us for the Multiply Gathering as we seek to encourage one another to obey Jesus’ command to make disciples. To register, go here.

  1. Lamar Carnes said:

    Do you have the six video’s explaining the purpose of Multiply on a DVD? We wanted to show those at our Church prior to the main services but do not have an internet system at the Church but could do a DVD presentation from a computer with the equipment we have. If not that is fine, just thought it would help us get the message out for the main event.

    • Hey Lamar – We don’t have the videos on a DVD, but you should be able to download all of the videos. From the Multiply website, click on the title of any of the videos and it will take you to the video in Vimeo. There is a download button just below the video, and you can download the hi-res or web version. You could burn those to a DVD in order to show them at church.

      • Lamar Carnes said:

        Thanks so much for the info and I will try that.

  2. Laine Meek said:

    Tried to register for the event in November but the page has errors.

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