New Book Available – Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples

Good news: The discipleship material for Multiply will soon be available in book form!

Francis Chan and Mark Beuving have put together lessons on a number of foundational topics for those who want to grow as disciples of the Lord Jesus.

Although you will still be able to view and download the Multiply discipleship material for free on our website (starting on October 3), some people prefer a hard copy. So we’re making one available.

Here’s what one ministry leader has said about the material:

I am using the material with some of my college guys and one of the things that I find appealing is the fact that I don’t have to send them to the bookstore to buy anything. Plus this is some of the most solid and practical stuff out there for use in discipleship. Thanks for making it available.

Tracy D., Campus Minister, Middle Georgia State College

You can pre-order Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples right now wherever books are sold. This soft-cover book, which contains all 24 lessons of the Multiply discipleship material, is scheduled to release on Nov. 1st of this year.

Here are a few links for your convenience:

Barnes & Noble
Family Christian

By the way, you do not have to use this discipleship material in order to be a part of or benefit from the Multiply Gathering. Our goal is simply to make good, biblical resources available to you for as little as possible. We hope you’ll take advantage of one of these two options, and that you’ll be encouraged to dig in to God’s Word and lead others to do the same.
    • Hey Corby – The lessons will all be available on the Multiply website on October 3. You can read them online or download a PDF copy. The online version will be free.

  1. The downloadable pdf’s refer to a video to watch. Will those be posted on the video wall or where are they located for us to use?

    Incredible material! I can’t wait to tackle this with others.

    • The videos are “coaching” videos for leaders and are not available right now. They will be in the Video Wall when they are available.

  2. John Sansom said:

    Is there any way to get a PDF of the book cover?

  3. Jamess said:

    Just wanted to say thank you for making this material available, you are a blessing to the wider church body. Thank you.

    • We don’t have a PDF of the Spanish translation at this time. We hope to have one soon.

  4. Matt Sprink said:

    Any updates on a Spanish PDF version?

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