Platt and Chan Talk About the Fruit of True Disicipleship

David Platt and Francis Chan talk about the heart and life-change that ought to be evident in disciples of Christ.

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  1. I believe God is laying this on alot of our hearts and I’m glad you are discussing this. Some thoughts from what God is working in my life and maybe we can all be empowered by Gods grace to live lives worthy of His calling.

    Assuming we do love Jesus Christ and aren’t dominated by the law as I have been most of my life I think the problem below, which I’m currently trying to work through to be Jesus Christs disciple, is the fundamental problem which we need to work though in Christianity. We need to perceive the resurrection from what we know from history.

    1: The resurrection is the big problem. It is the resurrection of Christ that changed it all for the disciples. I think if you guys did some work on reading William Ramsay and other authors, which I currently working through, and starting to see how sure the resurrection is by the implications of what the disciples did… our fear would cease and we would be bold. It was the conviction of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and their own resurrection which allows the disciples to no longer fear man and to value the sufferings of Christ as Paul talks about.

    Some observations from my own life:
    1: Fear is because I don’t really believe that God loves me and is wholly for me, I don’t trust that if I stick my neck out there Ill be ok, and I naturally avoid suffering or rejection.
    2: If I overcome my fear then I also need to overcome my avoidance of conflict and suffering. It is only the resurrection, seeing that Christ has risen, is alive, and His promise is true… since who can resurrect from the dead but a man who is completely holy. And if He is completely Holy, via us knowing He resurrected from the dead, then I surly can wholly trust him. What we avoid then becomes what we value, because knowing how sure our resurrection is, we then value treasuring things in heaven. We can then rejoice like the disciples over their own suffering for the sake of the gospel, which is a sort of rejoicing that the world cannot understand. Blessed! is he who suffers for righteousness sake.

    This has been what I have been working through over the last few years… going from being a Pharisee, to now beginning to love Jesus, to trying to no longer fear men, but openly speak of Jesus Christ.

    We need to fix the resurrection in our lives, and in the lives of the people of the church.
    I really liked that Mr. Chan talked about things following from a right understanding of the gospel, those who do not know what they deserve… ie myself… but know the information in their head – “i deserve hell” but dont feel the part; do no appreciate and love Christ. We have to know in our heart of hearts what we deserve, and are empty of righteousness. I’m trying to recover this as well.

    Excited guys, maybe God will by his grace make us into bold disciples someday.

  2. Sorry, thinking on… I don’t presume to know what you guys know. But I think if we together recover how sure Jesus Christ’s resurrection is, via history… which now has been written about alot and inquired into, and by thinking out many of the natural implications of things, we will be very bold and not even afraid of death, for we will perceive that one has already resurrected, and what I believe isn’t a lie.

    examples of historical things that I have thought through so far and am working out myself to follow Jesus and not fear.
    – the disciples and Paul show that know Old Testament scripture, which means they know the Christ is to set up a kingdom. Why then did they not break up when Jesus Christ died. Surely He didnt set up a kingdom. People in their right mind, with full knowledge of scripture could only continue on as they did, if Christ resurrected.
    – What is to explain the shear massive energy and focus and time that Paul spent putting into his missionary journeys. What about the implication of Romans and the epistles on the shear volume of thought that Paul put into his letters. And about his sufferings. When he was beaten or flogged the first time, why didnt he turn back? The impession of the resurrection is there.

    If we can just recover these things for ourselves and the church, I think we will be transformed… provided we understand the gospel.

    But I believe, like Francis was saying, God has gifted us with a corrected understanding of the gospel, that we do now love Jesus Christ, and perceive his value!

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