Francis Chan on How Multiply Came About

Francis Chan talks about how he sensed the Lord’s leading for something like Multiply and the journey to this point:

“Almost two years ago, my family and I were in Asia trying to figure out where the Lord wanted us to live and minister. While apartment hunting in Hong Kong, I had a strong sense that God wanted me to return to the US. There was more I was supposed to do in convincing Christians to make disciples.

It was all a bit overwhelming as I couldn’t fathom how I could change the mindset of the millions who believe that being “fishers of men” and making “disciples” is the pastor’s job. At the same time, I was excited about pursuing a vision that was too difficult for me. I told the Lord that I could not do this on my own, but also that I would not “recruit” anyone. I trusted that if He wanted me to do this, then He would bring people my way.

Right after I returned to the States, I spoke at the Passion conference. It was there that I met David Platt for the first time. We immediately hit it off, and when I asked him what he felt the Lord was leading him to do, I was shocked by his answer.

He spoke about how he believed that every believer needed to be a disciple maker. He shared about his desire to create material to train believers to disciple others. He wondered about ways to spread this message through books, videos, gatherings, etc. He considered new expressions of church where disciple making was central and every member understood their responsibility. In short, he expressed everything the Lord had been laying on my heart.

After several conversations and prayer, we decided there was no reason for us to do this separately. It made more sense to pursue this as a team. So after a year and a half of prayer, planning, and work, we are ready to launch “Multiply”.

To learn more about Multiply, go here.

To learn more about the Multiply Gathering, go here.

To register for the Multiply Gathering (for free!), go here.

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  1. Hello, I’ve been appreciating both Francis’ and David’s work, as confirmation for what we’ve doing the last few years. I left a paid pastoral position as well, took a job out in the world and have made more disciples, shared Christ with more people and experienced more radical joy (John 15:1-11) than I ever did, when I got “paid” for it. God has used us to begin multiplying new disciples and we are really excited to learn how a lack of control/need for noteriety, has led to multiple layers of new disciples!! I’ve sensed strongly, that as you mentioned above, we each need to come to a place where we embrace our “SENT-ness”. Once we’re fully deployed in this reality, we begin to faithfully live that out, on an individual basis….then God connects us with others who are faithfully doing likewise. Since these people have shed the desire/need to create “organizational success”, the connection with others who are like-minded has less of a chance of becoming another monster that needs to be fed…..but we always must be alert to this potential hazard. Thanks and Godspeed….I AM SENT!!!

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