If I Believe This Gospel…

David and Francis talk about their own struggles in sharing the gospel, including the fear of man. One of the purposes of the Multiply Gathering is to encourage one another to depend on God’s Spirit as we seek to make the gospel known.

To register for the Multiply Gathering, go here.

  1. kristic90 said:

    Strong words, and tough questions but I think definitely important ones to be asking. A lot of people struggle with this (including me!). Its hard to overcome the fear of face to face rejection or maybe even the lack of respect or understanding for what we are trying to share…but I think its something we should ALL, as believers and followers of Christ, be challenging ourselves on.

  2. Oh this was so amazing to hear these confessions from others that truly believe and love God. This was helpful because those are the things I struggle with: fear of man with a spirit of timidity, rejection, pride and lack of love for others.

    It has also been selfishness and distractions. I’m confessing and calling it out, bringing it to light! I have even given up my iPhone because it was distracting me from being present

    I find though when I do share everywhere I go there is a greater amount of peace and joy! I am praying I LOVE LOVE others more and do not miss out on these divine appointments to bring the lost sheep home. I am praying I am continually filled with His Holy Spirit and empowered to speak boldly 1 Peter 4:11
    Thank you for your love of God and transparency!

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