Platt Interviews Dever on Disciple-Making

Here are two parts to David Platt’s interview with Mark Dever on evangelism, disciple-making, and other related issues. Much of this discussion is particularly relevant to the purpose of Multiply:

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  1. Mark Dever and your interview with him was very helpful. This is to me a very important segment of the entire matter of evangelism. So many times we think we have to be “exactly like” the gifted and very powerfully used men and/or women who disciple others with much success or should I say with much of God’s blessings upon them and their work. We must all use the gift God has given us, considering who we are and what God has made us to be at the point of time we are living and serving. Yet, I think , even then we must be careful to not become lethargic or satisified in such a manner we do nothing or opt for complacency but rather pray for more spiritual motivation to witness Christ to all we possibly can!! We stand or fall before God individually and God is not evaluating any of us on the shoulders or in the arms of another!!

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