What to Expect at the Multiply Gathering

So what exactly is going to happen at the Multiply Gathering? Good question.

At the Multiply Gathering, both David Platt and Francis Chan will exhort us from God’s Word on the topic of making disciples. We will be encouraged to make disciples who, in turn, disciple others in the truths of the gospel. In addition to these addresses, David and Francis will be interviewed on the topic of discipleship.

This evening will also include a time of confession, where we admit to the Lord our sins and weaknesses in the area of making disciples. Following this time of confession, there will be a time of commitment, when we go to the Lord in prayer, asking Him to empower us anew to obey the Great Commission. We will be encouraged to be intentional and specific as we seek to identify others whom we can disciple.

The content for both evenings (Nov. 9th & Nov. 10th) will be the same. Choose the time that works best for you and your group. You can register here. See below for a video on the Gathering:

  1. Question: How is one to know which video(s) corresponds to each chapter/session of Multiply? Every session ends with the words: “Watch this session’s video.” Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the videos being referenced??? Can someone help me with this? I would like to walk through the material with our lay-leaders before the gathering so that we can launch a Multiply-Ministry immediately thereafter… Thanks in advance for your help.
    Be blessed and keep up the good fight! You are making a difference 🙂

    • Pastor Jeff – We apologize for the confusion. The videos referenced in the Multiply Material are “coaching” videos for leaders. They are not on the website now but will available in the Video Wall in a few weeks.

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