The Multiply Material

  • Good news: the Multiply discipleship material is now posted online. And it’s FREE! Go here to view or download the material. (Starting in November, you’ll be able to purchase the discipleship material in book form if you would like. See more about that here).

    The purpose of the discipleship material is to give you a tool for discipling others. That is, we hope you’ll use the material to lead someone else through these foundational biblical truths. Ideally, you would be taking either another individual or a small group through these lessons.

    We would encourage those who are leading others through the material to tailor it to your specific context. Read the material ahead of time and, depending on the person you are discipling, anticipate questions that might arise. Think through the material yourself so that you can help others do the same. Each section contains questions for application.

    The point is not simply to impart information, though that is certainly critical; the point is to hear, understand, and obey the truths of Scripture. We want to trust Christ more, love Him more, and have a greater desire to serve Him.

    There are 24 lessons designed to be taught and discussed over a period of 24 weeks. The topics covered include:

    1) Living as a Disciple Maker

    2) Living as the Church

    3) How to Study the Bible

    4) Understanding the Old Testament

    5) Understanding the New Testament

    1. Mark said:

      In the first part of the material, at the end it said: Watch the video for this section. Which video is that?

    2. David Magana said:

      I am stepping into a federal prison camp soon because of my involvement in a white collar crime. I gave my life to our Savior in 2010. God is working in my heart to disciple in there. Please pray for the men I speak to about The Lord and His good news. Please pray for me that I may speak truthfully as He goes before us to call us home.

      • Blue & White said:

        done brother.

      • Dan said:

        David. . .i am praying for you. A friend of mine is wrapping up his time in prison in about 60 days and though it was painful Christ also used this time to lead my friend to Him! What an incredible miracle wrapped up in a painful event!

        • David Magana said:


          Thank you for sharing the blessings of your friend. I pray he is tall in his walk with Him. I am learning that God glorifies Himself through the transformation of sinners into saints. These days are some of the most difficult, yet His steadfast love and grace has delivered me for eternity! Making small me and my trials. All glory and honor to you Lord! David

    3. Have a question… if the videos will be available in a few weeks, does this mean we are supposed to wait to start the materials? I was planning on getting together with someone this evening to go through session 1 but there is no video to go along with it. Should we wait for the Gathering online to launch this together? Please respond as soon as you can, as we were going to do this this evening.

      Also, I thought I read Spanish materials are being worked on. That’s fantastic as I have some Peruvian friends I’d like to do this with on Skype. But will the videos be subtitled? Thanks again for your help!

      • Veronica – The Leader Videos have been posted to the website now. If you click on “Read More” for each lesson, it will take you to the content of the full lesson, and the video is embedded there. You can begin using the Material now or wait until after the Gathering, whichever you prefer.

        We are working on making a Spanish version of the Multiply Material available soon. We are still discussing whether we will be able to subtitle the videos or not. When the Spanish version is available, we’ll post it on the website.

        • How soon do you expect this to be available in Spanish? We are really excited to start using it and promoting it in the Spanish-speaking world. Thanks again.

        • We hope to have it in Spanish soon. We’ll be sure to post on the blog as soon as it’s available.

    4. Blue & White said:

      In a small town. knowing since 2007 after a madd goose chase for a “building to get into rooted”. God would not allow a peace after 2007. The closest I would even think of possibly gatthering with would be the local Mennonite’s (who live close to Amish but more in love with Jesus, and not a puritan lifestyle), but this is even restrictive to God’s call. There is one group of folk that gather in a building about 35 miles from me, but it leads back to making everything nice for people to come? Ugg. I desire no part in such. They label as “that guy” who thinks he doesn’t need to go to church. They are 100% correct. I am “that guy” who is bent on being the Church/Bride/Body of Christ to a lost world… gathering anywhere, anytime, with anyone saint or sinner… I just must do this or “woe is me” as Paul. The fire is inside me, and I am miserable when not being fruitful, yet “this is serious guys” I have pushed out works “commanded” but out of self. Back-fired, and taught… I just must be in the roll of those called up yonder… Jesus loved me. I have never been loved like this, and must show my appreciation, by obeying His commands as He even “Commands those who really love Him! i.e. (John 13:34-35/ 14:21)… *(One huge problem of my doing!) I am unequally yoked. The Sword of Jesus is THICK under my roof. But not because I became a believer, but settled for what I thought was ok, what I manipulated and justified in my heart… I have long repented, and God is Forever Forgiving in Christ! This is still a huge scrambled head of what to do….. Thank you for being godly examples in relationships. Hanging on to Romans 8:28 else I am dead in both deaths…. This racks me daily

    5. So glad that this is going to be available in Spanish. We will definitely be using it. Thanks for offering this material!

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