Matt Chandler and Strategic Placement

In his book, Explicit Gospel, Matt Chandler talks about seeing the place where he lives as a strategic placement by God. Chandler’s perspective captures well the mindset that all followers of Christ should have as those seeking to make disciples:

“It is my understanding from the Scriptures that I live in the neighborhood I live in according to the predetermined plan of God, and I have been uniquely wired and drawn toward certain things so that men might know God, hear from God, see the gospel, hear the gospel, gravitate toward the gospel, and have it preached and proclaimed to them. So when I go to my house after I’m done at the office, it is my understanding that I am not in that neighborhood by mistake. My neighbors on the left, on the right, and directly across the street, are there by the design of God in order that his gospel might be heralded by me to them. I want to see the gym that way; I want to see the coffee shop that way; I want to see the parents in the bleachers with me watching my son’s flag football games that way; I want to see my daughter’s dance recitals that way. I want to see the entire world through the lens of how God has wired me and where he has placed me for his glory.”  (180-181)

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  1. Yes! May we see every encounter as divine appointments from God to gather the lost sheep! This post was timely as I facilitate my first neighborhood Bible study starting next week…your prayers are appreciated! It was a neighborhood Bible study in our last home that God used to get me in His Word and I has transformed me into a new creation and devoted follower of Jesus Christ!

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