How to Use the Multiply Discipleship Material

For those wondering how to use the Multiply discipleship material, here are 7 brief points to explain how we envision these lessons being used:

1. Be personal. The material is intended for a smaller, more intimate setting. Picture the kitchen table rather than a lecture hall. Ideally, you will be walking through the lessons with an individual you are discipling, or with a small group. The more interaction you can have, the better. So ask questions and invite dialogue.

2. Be biblical. The ultimate goal is not to “get through the material.” We want to teach people what Jesus commanded (Matt 28:20), and this truth is contained in God’s Word. Trust the Word to do the work, not the lessons.

3. Be flexible. Use the material as a help, not a straightjacket. The lessons are simply meant to equip and to come alongside you in this discipleship process. Feel free to linger on sections where there’s a greater need. Don’t be afraid to adapt.

4. Be wise. Remember who you’re talking to. If you’re with an unbeliever, certain aspects of the material will obviously be more critical than others. Whatever you do, don’t give short shrift to sharing the gospel just because you want to stay on pace with the material. New believers will likewise have particular needs. Meet people where they’re at and bring them along.

5. Be prepared. As a leader, you don’t have to know everything or have all the answers. However, if you want to effectively instruct and equip others, be sure to read and think through the material before you meet, which also means reading through the key passages dealt with in these lessons. Anticipate questions. Understand the material as best you can. And be sure to check out the Leader Videos for help in this process.

6. Be engaged. That is, be willing not only to transfer new information, but also to build a relationship. Discipling someone will involve sharing life with them. Take every opportunity to model godliness in your actions and in your conversation. Truth is both taught and caught.

7. Be consistent. While discipleship is not formulaic, at least some structure is almost always helpful in such relationships. Have a set time to study the material, with the expectation that everyone will come prepared. Without being legalistic, try to stick to a plan.

As a reminder, the Multiply discipleship material is now available on the website for free. You can go here to view it or download it. This material is also scheduled to come out at the beginning of November in book form for those who prefer a hard copy. Check that out here, or wherever books are sold.

  1. Neil said:

    Great stuff – I might suggest caution with letting WordPress place ads for you on your site. The first ad that popped when I was on was a Levi’s commercial that featured a svelte young woman in bra and underwear.

  2. Guys, I just want to say thank you for the initiative.. I am unknown to you guys.. but I was working on a book for the same type of materials, understanding what it means to be a disciples and how we are to make disciples… you cannot imagine the joy when I came across your site. I will make sure I get the book and see how we can integrate the Multiply with our community here in Mauritius… I’ve read both Radical and Francis’ books, very inspiring and though provocative… Blessings to you all.. thanks to still be promoting biblical based faith & Truths.

  3. Jim Spin said:

    When the video becomes available from the live webcast will you have to show all of it (worship etc.) or can it be edited to show only the teaching of Francis and David?

    • Jim – The webcast will be a live stream, so you will not be able to edit it in any way. Within a few weeks of the Gatherings, we will post a video of the teaching times from the Gathering that will remain on the Multiply website after the link is inactivated.

  4. Gary said:

    Just to clarify – the Multiply book (pdf links) are more for after the simulcast gathreing and the PDF’s that are not out yet are more for those attending the gathering – is that correct?

    • That is correct. The Multiply Material (book) is for use before or after the Gathering. We are working on a PDF program for people to use during the actual Gathering. The program will be 16-20 pages, including the cover.

  5. Question: should the person being discipled read through the material before meeting with the person discipling them or do you read it when you meet together? I realize the discipler will read beforehand and prepare but wasn’t sure on what the person being discipled was supposed to do….just show up or read in advance?

    • Jason – It would be great if both people could read through the lesson and study the passages before you meet to discuss it. Of course, that may not work in every situation, but it may lead to better discussion if you’ve both read the lessons first.

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