Flyers and Bulk Orders for Churches

If you’re a church leader and you want to help us get the word out about Multiply, or even learn more about Multiply yourself, we’ve created a simple flyer that hits some of the highlights. This flyer should help you answer questions and communicate with those who plan to lead others in discipleship.

Here’s the download of the flyer:  Multiply Flyer

Also of interest for churches is the special bulk order rate for the Multiply book. Keep in mind, this rate is for churches, not individuals, and this special edition is not for re-sale. We hope you’ll take advantage of this rate to get the Multiply material into the hands of as many people as possible. (Of course, the online material will remain free). Here’s the deal for the books as it’s stated in the flyer:

We’ve created a special church edition of the Multiply book by Francis Chan and Mark Beuving. With this special edition, packaged exclusively in boxes of 36 copies for only $143.64 ($3.99 per book), your Multiply team will be equipped and ready to get started.

  1. Clay Peck said:

    Maybe should get some of these books for the live event?

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    • Clay – If you are interested in having copies of Multiply on hand at the Gathering, you can call the number on the flyer and order some through the publisher.

  2. Trey said:

    Is the church edition of the multiply book that same as you would buy at a retail shop?

    • Trey – Because the church edition is a “bulk” version, the cover is different and the paper the inside pages are printed on is different. However, the content is exactly the same.

  3. Dawn Desaulniers said:

    Words can not express how excited I am to be able to get started with this material. We did not realize that Francis Chan had a new book coming out. God is so amazing. About a month ago my husband began to take our church through a discipleship class on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and how to look for others who may need help along the way. He came home last night thrilled that Francis had a new book out and it was on the exact topic that God had laid on his heart so he had purchase the book for himself. Well I could barely sleep last night I was so thrilled to be able to check out what God had laid out, so bright and early this morning I began reading the material. My heart just rejoices to see how God is moving and working. This will be a wonderful resource for our small congregation and I can’t wait to share it with others. Thank you so much for the way that you are listening to God and also providing this service to be able to get it into the hands of as many people as possible. I am excited and thrilled beyond belief and am praising God for His goodness and the way that He orchestrates everything. Thank you again.

  4. Daniel said:

    I’ve begin reading the online ressources and so far I find it very good, do you plan to have a french version of your materials ? If yes do you have a release date ?

    • Daniel – We hope to be able to translate the Multiply Materials into additional languages in the future. We haven’t made decisions about which languages we will be translating in or a timeframe for the availability. We’ll be sure to post on the blog if/when additional languages are available.

  5. Brenda said:

    German would be nice too

  6. Bill said:

    Will future Gathering events happen? I just recently found out about the Multiply Movement and would like to launch a campaign to promote it, but will not have enough time to do a good job of it before the 10th.

    • Bill – We are planning to have a Gathering once per year, most likely in the fall. The link to the Gathering this year will remain active for 30 days, so if you can’t watch next weekend, you can come back and watch when you have time.

  7. Tony Smith said:

    I have been doing the You Version Multiply Plan along with the material. It would be nice if there was a way to print off the You Version reading plan.

  8. Amber said:

    Do you have do this for the spanish version of the printed book? Or is there a PDF for the spanish version? I am part of a missions organization in rural Mexico, and some of the folks in the local church are interested in trying it out, but we don’t need a full 36 copies. However, buying more than a couple at full prices gets pricey when it’s coming out of my pocket, and then shipping on top of that. A PDF version of the spanish book would be FANTASTIC! Or being able to get a smaller quantity at the discounted price would be helpful too.


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