Making Disciples: A Church Priority

Pastor David Platt talks about how disciple-making should fit in to the church’s priorities.

  1. Eliezer Castro said:

    God Bless I am a teacher and official of the church and I purchase the book on my I pad and looking to purchase the book in English as well as Spanish.I am look for 10 in English and 15 in Spanish can you help me need for them to be paper back thank you

    • Eliezer – We would recommend that you contact David C Cook, the publisher for “Multiply” if you are looking for hard copies of the book in Spanish. The Multiply Material (which is the same as the book) can be downloaded in PDF format from

  2. Tyler Burke said:

    Hello I am a missionary in Costa Rica and I was wondering if the is a pdf download of the Multiply material in Spanish? We have a discipleship program for over 120 families and counting that we would like to begin incorporating this material! Thank you!

    • Tyler – We hope to make the PDF of the Spanish version available soon.

      • Jared said:

        I am a missionary in the Dominican Republic. I have the same question as Tyler. I have seen that other missionaries have had the same question also. And recently I’ve noticed that the Spanish translation of the book is already being sold. Is there still no Spanish translation to PDF, that can be used like the English PDF’s on the website?

      • Jared – We hope to be able to post a PDF of the Spanish version in the future. It’s still not available to us at this time. We’ll post on the blog if/when it’s on the website.

      • Frank Rosch said:

        Hey there! Are we still waiting on the pdf in Spanish? Its now 2014. It really is needed for use with small groups, who cannot afford the $10 book.
        Frank in Nashville

  3. Stephanie said:

    We’re getting ready to start our Sunday groups on Multiply in September. We have both Spanish and English speakers in my church. Any chance a Spanish PDF would be available anytime soon? Or a $3.99 version of the Spanish book?

  4. Steven Schnedler said:

    Dear Multiply Movement,

    On November 16th, of last year, you posted: “We hope to make the PDF of the Spanish version available soon.”

    On February 6th of this year, regarding the Spanish PDF, you posted: “We’ll post on the blog “IF”/when it’s on the website.” I’m a little confused.

    Your post said “If” it’s available. We’re a about 8 months since your last post regarding the Spanish pdf. Should we assume that the “If” part of your answer means that you folks decided not to make it available in Spanish?

    If this is the case, since you make the English available as a free PDF, could I have your permission to scan it, save it as a PDF, and give it to members of my congregation? I also oversee about 40 churches in Nicaragua and would like to make this available.


    Steven Schnedler

    • Steven – We were in the process of having the material translated but due to unforeseen circumstances we had to regroup and start over. It has been in process and we will let you know as soon as it is available. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Thank you for your patience.

  5. Multiply Movement:

    I think there are a lot of us that are still in areas where the Spanish PDF would be a HUGE help. Any news? It has been almost 7 months since your last response. Any advances?

  6. Eli said:

    The Spanish link doesn’t work?? Is this happening to anyone else?

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