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If you missed the Multiply Gatherings this past weekend (Nov. 9th & 10th), you still have the opportunity to participate in those by clicking here.  The live-stream will be available through the the Multiply website for about 30 days. After that time, you will be able to download the video for free from the website.

Each night ended with a call to commit to making disciples in the coming year.  If, by God’s grace, you are willing to commit to make disciples in the coming year, you can click here.  We would like to support you in prayer, with personal encouragement, and additional resources throughout the year.

Also, don’t forget that the Multiply material is still available for free on the website, or you can purchase the material in book form wherever books are sold. As a companion to the Multiply material, see also the Leader Videos for each Multiply lesson (these videos pop up once you select a particular lesson). David and Francis give counsel and encouragement as you take someone through the material in a discipleship relationship.

To learn more about Multiply and join the movement click here.


In case you weren’t able to join us last night, the Multiply Gathering is coming live tonight from San Francisco from 6-9pm (Pacific). You can still register here:

The content will (generally) be the same as last night, though there will obviously be a different feel due to the location. Both David Platt and Francis Chan will be addressing the call to make disciples.

Get a friend and join us.

See the previous posts to get an idea what went on last night. In addition, check out Grace’s reflections on last night’s Gathering over at her blog here and here.

Before David Platt gives his final challenge, there will be a conversation between Francis Chan, David Platt, and Todd Proctor. Todd Proctor is moderating. He is beginning with a word of prayer.


A number of items are discussed:

– Depending on the power of God rather than over-thinking or over-planning making disciples.

– How the Lord has placed believers in specific situations – certain jobs, hobbies, etc. – in order to share the gospel. This is how these people are most likely to be reached, and this is God’s design.

– The intersection of community and mission – they are not mutually exclusive.

– The Multiply Material


David is now talking about the possibility that each person participating in the Gathering might make at least one disciple in the coming year.

The Challenge: We want to challenge one another tonight to make a list of people God has put in your life that you can carry out this command in their life. Who is the person you know who doesn’t know Christ who you could share with? Who is the believer you know who doesn’t have making disciples on their radar? Who could you pour into?

Make a list of people you’re asking God to help you with in terms of making disciples. Write down specific names.


Francis is encouraging people to pray in faith with the names that have been listed. He is asking God to work in the hearts of those who have been written down, that believers might have the courage to share the gospel. And to believe God in the midst of seeking to make disciples.


Closing song in response: “Song of Moses”

David Platt is closing the Gathering in prayer.

The second teaching session is beginning.

Believe it or not, you can STILL view the simulcast by going here:        I would encourage you to do that if you’re able.

Also you can follow the evening via Twitter & Facebook:

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Pastor David Platt is leading this teaching session under the heading of “Call.” He’s teaching from Matthew 28:16-20 on the Great Commission Christ has given His people. Here’s the outline for David’s message, followed by some brief commentary and memorable lines.

David is sharing about a recent mission trip to India. Two believers, who had become discouraged in their attempt to make disciples, finally began to see fruit as they shared Christ. They began to make disciples who, in turn, began to make disciples.

Five years ago, no one was receptive to their message. Now, many are coming to Jesus Christ. Churches have begun in 350 different villages in Northern India.

I want to be a part of something that can only be explained by God. No pastor, network, nothing.

Now David is reading his passage Matthew 28:16-20. His sermon outline:

As Disciples of Jesus…

  • Let’s       believe  in the authority of Christ.
    • Jesus is not just the personal Lord and Savior over us.
    • Jesus is the      universal      Lord and Savior over all.
      • He has authority over nature and nations.
      • He has authority over disease and demons.
      • He has authority over sin and death.
      • He has authority over our    life.
      • He has authority over every  life.
    • Jesus’ authority compels us to go.
      • His worth is the           fuel   of our mission.
      • His worship is the   goal    of our mission.
    • Jesus’ authority gives us confidence as we go.
      • This gospel will  save  .
      • This mission will  succeed .
  • Let’s     obey    the command of Christ.
    • This is not a comfortable call for most Christians to come, be baptized, and sit in one location.
    • This is a costly command for           every Christian to go, baptize, and make disciples of all nations.
      • Jesus’ introduction in Matthew 4: Every follower of Jesus is a fisher of men.
      • Jesus’ conclusion in Matthew 28: Every disciple is a   disciple-maker.
    • We     share   the Word.
      • We speak about the gospel as we live according to the gospel.
    • We     show   the Word.
      • Baptism symbolizes identification with the person of Christ and inclusion in the body of Christ.
    • We     teach   the Word.
      • We don’t just receive the Word; we reproduce the Word.
    • We     serve   the world.
      • This is not just a general command to make disciples among as many people as possible.
      • This is a specific command to make disciples among every people group in the world.
    • As we make disciples of all nations, we will         multiply       churches among all nations.
  • Let’s       depend        on the presence of Christ.
    • This mission is not based on who    we     are or what          we   can do.
    • This mission is based on who          Jesus  is and what He is able to do in and through our lives.
    • Together, let’s experience the      power          of His presence with us.
    • Together, let’s hope in the            promise       of His return for us.


    Several memorable quotes (some slightly paraphrased):

    – As Christians and as the church, if we’re going to be good at anything, it needs to be making disciples

    – God has this whole thing rigged (God’s sovereignty in the task of making disciples).

    – You will plateau in your relationship with Christ unless you begin leading others to follow Christ.

    – Ordinary disciples were doing extraordinary things for the kingdom (the early church’s witness in Acts)

    – Whatever our calling or vocation at the moment, our task is the same – make disciples.

    – As we make disciples of all nations, we will multiply churches in all nations.

    – In the book of Acts you have the people of God, the Word of God, and the Spirit of God. And that’s enough.

    – What if every disciple in your church made one disciple in the next year?

    – Let’s put down small dreams. Let’s put down selfish ambition. Let’s give Jesus a blank check.

    The one question David is leaving everyone with, “What is one specific way you sense God speaking to you tonight?”

    He is encouraging people to share the answer to this question with those around them.

This teaching session is followed by a time for a break and for reflection based on what has been said so far. We’ll return for a conversation between Francis Chan, David Platt, and Todd Proctor.

We’re live here at the Multiply Gathering. This is David Burnette, and I’ll be updating you throughout the night with what’s going on and what’s being said here at The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL.

I’ll break the evening up into several posts. You can also check out Grace’s live-blog of the evening here.

By the way, you can STILL view the simulcast by going here: I would encourage you to do that if you’re able.

Also, you can follow the evening via Twitter & Facebook:

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The Welcome for the Multiply Gathering is being given by Todd Proctor, pastor of Rock Harbor in Costa Mesa, California. We are estimating that up to 100,000 people in 100 countries are participating.

Todd is leading the Gathering in a word of prayer as we begin.


Aaron Keyes and his band are leading the Gathering to worship the Lord in song. The believers gathered, as well as believers participating around the world via simulcast, are praising the Lord with the following songs:

“Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”

“In Christ Alone”

“Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?”

Teaching: “Conviction”

Francis Chan is now preparing to teach by leading the Gathering in prayer. He is kneeling in prayer and weeping, asking the Lord for courage to make disciples. And that the name of Jesus might be praised.

Francis is talking about his desire to see something happen like what we see in Acts 4:23-31. He is recounting his meeting with David Platt, and how the Lord has put the same message about making disciples on their hearts.

In light of Jesus’ authority and His command to make disciples in Matt 28:18-20, it is a sobering thought to think of appearing before Him without having discipled anyone. Yet, Francis is admitting, sharing your faith is hard. He would rather do a number of things – preach, counsel, etc. – but sharing the gospel is not easy. No one likes getting rejected.

The thought of going to someone and offending them is scary. But God our Creator has said to go and make disciples. It makes no sense, if we believe what we say we believe, not to say something to unbelievers.

Can we be honest and say that we have ditched our responsibility? The idea with Multiply is that we would gather and get courage from one another, to stir one another up. The last thing we want is to walk away thinking, “Wow, that was really convicting.” The rich young ruler walked away sad (Luke 18:18ff) Then in Luke 19 Zacchaeus walked away changed. We want to be changed like Zacchaeus.

We want tonight to be a night of repentance. Like the message of John the Baptist. And Peter. And others. We want to experience the joy of repentance. Don’t you want to have that much courage, that much love? I would love to think at the end of my life I would be willing to be rejected, hurt, etc. for the cause of Christ. We want to be able to say with Paul that we did not shrink from declaring the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:26-27).

We want, on the last day, to be found faithful. We want to be of one mind in this task.

Francis: I just want us to be on our faces before God, asking God for strength. Might God look down at people who are genuinely looking to Him and bless them. Might that be us.

He is calling for a time of prayer and confession – confessing why we have been fearful of making disciples. He is calling people, if they choose, to be on their knees confessing their sins and weaknesses to the Lord. Things that they have been scared to give up.

The entire room is praying. And presumably many more in churches, homes, computer screens, and elsewhere.

Francis is closing with prayer for God to break us and give us new courage. We can’t do this by trying harder.


Aaron Keyes is leading in a time of worship and confession with

“Sovereign Over Us”

“Crown HIm with Many Crowns”

Crown Him you kings with many crowns, for He is Lord of all.

Francis is closing by praying over David Platt, who will speak next.

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties with our streaming provider, the DVR functionality of our livestream may not be available until later this evening. There is a possibility it may not be available at all. If you were planning on joining us in the Mountain or Pacific timezone tonight, this feature will not be available to you.

We apologize for any inconvenience. The archived web-stream will be available 30 minutes after the Gathering concludes. The web-stream will be available for 30 days following the Gatherings.

You can join us tomorrow night for the Gathering in San Francisco from 6-9pm (Pacific). Use the link to join Saturday’s Gathering.

Thanks for your understanding,

The Multiply Team