Don’t We Already Know The Great Commission?

  • If most Christians are aware of the Great Commission, why is Multiply necessary? Pastor David talks about the tendency among Christians to relegate the command to make disciples to others who seem more qualified, such as church leaders. Instead, we ought to see the task of making disciples as the responsibility and privilege of every follower of Christ.

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    1. AS you mention, every christian has heard of this great commission, but very few understand what it really means to make disciples. I can only talk about my country, but there is a mis-understanding between “discipling” and converting people to Christ. Many just stop talking about Jesus to un-believers when they finally give their life to Jesus, seeing that as a victory and all ends there. Very few understand that making disciples is far greater that just sharing the word with someone we met. even so, when you try to make disciples of them, they tend to think we are dictating their lives… experience talk here. but that is not a generality.. sadly many think of that. But that can certainly change !

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