Pastor David answers the question, “Is making disciples a command to individuals or a call to churches?”

This is precisely the kind of question you can expect to hear unpacked and expanded upon at the Multiply Gathering. To register for the Multiply Gathering (for free!), go here.

  1. Gissela Elias said:

    Feliz de encontrar gente con su corazon! Dios los guie y guarde siempre! Estoy emocionada por el encuentro! So happy to find people with your heart!God be with you guys guiding you and blessing you always! I’m excited about the gathering!

  2. Ray Rogers said:

    This response from David leads to more questions… and that’s good.
    I have reviewed the material, and I love it for personal discipleship. Here is my question. Do you believe that this material would be suitable to roll out, church-wide, as a small group curriculum? On one hand, the material is solid, but on the other hand, ought we “sign up” all the members of our small groups for discipleship training?
    Feedback would be much appreciated.

    • Ray – The material is intended to be a tool for people to use as they disciple others. For instance, if a member of your church is witnessing to someone and wants a good foundational guide in how to cover some biblical material with them, the Multiply material would be great. You can view it all under the “Material” section of So the simple answer to your question is, yes. It would be great for your church learn it while being encouraged to reproduce it once they get the idea. Some people already are doing this – they are going through it with their small groups or sunday school classes and then commissioning everyone out to use it in discipleship with someone else.

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