The Multiply Gathering: We’re Live (3)

Before David Platt gives his final challenge, there will be a conversation between Francis Chan, David Platt, and Todd Proctor. Todd Proctor is moderating. He is beginning with a word of prayer.


A number of items are discussed:

– Depending on the power of God rather than over-thinking or over-planning making disciples.

– How the Lord has placed believers in specific situations – certain jobs, hobbies, etc. – in order to share the gospel. This is how these people are most likely to be reached, and this is God’s design.

– The intersection of community and mission – they are not mutually exclusive.

– The Multiply Material


David is now talking about the possibility that each person participating in the Gathering might make at least one disciple in the coming year.

The Challenge: We want to challenge one another tonight to make a list of people God has put in your life that you can carry out this command in their life. Who is the person you know who doesn’t know Christ who you could share with? Who is the believer you know who doesn’t have making disciples on their radar? Who could you pour into?

Make a list of people you’re asking God to help you with in terms of making disciples. Write down specific names.


Francis is encouraging people to pray in faith with the names that have been listed. He is asking God to work in the hearts of those who have been written down, that believers might have the courage to share the gospel. And to believe God in the midst of seeking to make disciples.


Closing song in response: “Song of Moses”

David Platt is closing the Gathering in prayer.

  1. Sheena Souza said:

    Loved watching the live stream tonight (in between kids crying, making dinner, and bedtime My favorite part was as Francis Chan kneeled down and encouraged others to do so, my house got quiet somehow-my kids stopped crying and I was able to get on my face and repent to the Lord for my own fears and for things that I have not been willing to sacrifice. My husband is down in SF right now getting tomorrow night’s broadcast all set up and I have been praying and interceding for that team down there all day. I sense there is a bull eye’s on them, as they try to facilitate something so great and powerful that God’s people need to hear. Praying tonight and will continue to do so. Thank you Francis, David, and the other anointed man whose name has escaped me! Thank you for your continued modeling of humility and honesty.

  2. Rob Breeden said:

    I think we would really benefit from some practical ice breaking examples. What are some things I could say to steer the direction of the conversation toward the message of the gospel? I.e. In an everyday conversation…

  3. Geoff said:

    Does the delayed streaming work yet? it said it would half an hour afterwards and all i get at this page is a 316 and html5 clip… I have people coming around in an hour to view it together but at this stage its not looking good :S

    • Geoff – We’re so sorry for the inconvenience! The DVR function never seemed to work last night. The archived video is up and running now. Hope you were able to watch with your group last night.

  4. I was truly moved by last nights meeting in Alabama….you can sense the spirit of God ALL over the speakers last night, along with the music…thank you ALL for listening to what God is telling y’all to do & following His mighty direction….praying that me & my family will do the same!!!

  5. Scott Gibson said:

    A small group from my Church got together last night for the The Gathering. What an amazing time of worship and discussion, about what our true mission as the church is supposed to be! The Holy Spirit truly fell, and the feeling of knowing that there were 100,000 people joing together for a common purpose in Christ was truly something to behold.
    My prayers and blessings to all who are involved.

    God bless you,
    Pastor Scott Gibson

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