Live From San Francisco: The Multiply Gathering

In case you weren’t able to join us last night, the Multiply Gathering is coming live tonight from San Francisco from 6-9pm (Pacific). You can still register here:

The content will (generally) be the same as last night, though there will obviously be a different feel due to the location. Both David Platt and Francis Chan will be addressing the call to make disciples.

Get a friend and join us.

See the previous posts to get an idea what went on last night. In addition, check out Grace’s reflections on last night’s Gathering over at her blog here and here.

  1. lynda williams said:

    what is wrong

    • Hey Lynda – If you’re having technical issues with the webcast, call Above & Beyond Tech Support at 866-708-1452.

  2. Greg said:

    I do believe God is at work among those He has chosen to follow Christ and to make disciples by waking the present generations (especially here in America) up. This giving us a chance to wake up and strengthen that which remains and is about to die, and in love to encourage, equip, admonish, rebuke, train, teach, love those who have unfinished work yet to do to complete the task/calling for their lives. In all this and the following I greatly rejoice as well knowing God wants to refine our faith.
    In wanting to reconcile a part of scripturewith the whole I am becoming more and more uneasy with the great commission because among those ,myself included, that are waking up I am eager to see the evidence Jesus laid out in Mark 16:17.
    I have seen change in many things especially things within such as desires and passions of the world and flesh almost literally disappear. Nothing satisfies but the pursuit of knowing Christ more and more. God has given me a passion to see Christ receive what His precious blood has paid for and that is the lives and souls of men being reconciled to their creator and I cannot help but know that Christ has commanded me and all who claim to be “in Christ” to live the remainder of our lifes as a servant waiting on and answering the every command His spirit leads to do. Such was the example of Christ doing nothing on His own, actions or words, but only what he saw or heard from the Father. I believe like you that when we meet God after this life is finished we will be very surprised and much like John and Daniel laying on our faces as if dead and awaiting the hand and the voice encouraging us to fear not. However, If I measure myself against the description Christ gives of those who believe in His name let alone those I am happy and obedient to point to Christ, (regardless of my shortcomings),and the rest of what i know of the American church I am left with concern. I also like you believe in reading God’s word for myself and for myself can come to no conclusion other than what Jesus described here and what the book of acts gives account of and truly the whole of the New Testament believers empowered by the Holy Spirit look like and when I compare them to me or us apart from the the confidence God answering my prayers gives me,(and this IS confidence 1Jn 5) I feel as though a seed of doubt has been sown in me to question not if God can or will or even wants to do these great things through me/us for His glory and coming kingdom but instead deliberating if we are the ones who have an appearance of Godliness yet denying Him by “our works” or “much talk about Jesus” and yet find myself like you, able to, actually excited to be real with the men, women & children God has put in my life to point to Him and His sufficiency and to be humble and ask other brothers like you who I believe God is in a very supernatural way making many of us see and hear the same things from what we read.
    God Is At Work Here!
    My hope is still that God would reveal through His patience and kindness more that I/we could repent of to know Him better and be able to share His good news, thus making disciples whose goal is to fear God and keep His commands who make disciples that do the same and all of which are able to make sure of their election and calling too by the leading and voice of the Holy Spirit. God has shown me I have made many disciples FOR Christ but very few OF Christ. I want to see converts seeking the face of almoghty God rather than His hand and the opinion of a man who is a good speaker with seven steps to everything. Those who believe in Jesus, those who follow after Him Will have these signs accompany them: THEY WILL cast out demons, speak in tounges, pick up serpents with their hands, if they drink deadly poison it will not harm them “, THEY WILL lay their hands on the sick and the sick will recover!
    Is this not to be the norm among those who believe in Jesus? I don’t like Matthew 7:22 not because of where people are going but because even the non believers here are doing these things and Jesus makes a statement that is worthy of fear and trembling here that “only those who do the will of the Father will enter the kingdom of heaven.” Romans 8:14 for all who are led by the Spirit of God ( not the feelings that look similar to what we think or hope the Spirit might lead us to do) are Sons of God.
    Francis, I believe you to be a man who is looking in the mirror often and repenting/changing your mind from what you thought or wish the Bible said to what it straight up says. I praise God for your example as it has been something God has used much in my life to help me humble myself, seek Gods face, turn from wickedness, to pray and beg God for His spirit’s leading.
    There are really awesome things I have seen God do and so in no way do I mean to confuse this but hope to convey all that God has done here. I have had wierd thoughts at random times like ” tell this one he no longer has to be afraid to go to sleep at night” and I do it and the kid breaks down and says “how do you know I’m afraid of going to sleep” and starts balling his eyes out. We pray if any demons are “holding him back they be removed” (not typical of my praying over people but again thought I should ask for this) then when done the kid says he’s been having a dream inside a dream where a demons been holding him down and that this has been going on for years. I’ve seen other stuff too, it’s just not what I would call common or something that I see done with unwavering confidence that it is from God in the moment. What i do see consistently is people coming to a knowledge of Jesus and a desire to follow Him until they too look for something like David said is explainable only by the hand of God. And still even more consistently today included many are moved deeply by the Power of God unto salvation and yet they walk away sad with a guy like me wanting to chase them down, and yet refrained by the example of Christ.
    I want to see disciples being made of The Lord Jesus Christ that are filled with the power/dynamite of the Spirit of God going into all the world and to be named among their roll call and at the end of each day to join those who would be willing to step onto Solomon’s portico knowing full well there are no games being played, no false humilities displayed, and no fear of what happens to those who live a lie!
    I do percieve God wants to do new things in our generation and those younger who are looking for proof in ours and i am confident that God will make a way!
    Im thankful you’ve been on the road longer and am hopeful of your counsel bringing me to a closer walk with our King. I pray this finds you doing well and truly doing the will of the Father.
    May we live but to serve the King as His priests, His children, His friends, His slaves, His bride,…….. Simply His

    Love and prayers,

  3. Aaron V. said:

    Good Stuff! If anyone wants to implement this training on colleges in China, contact me. We have a team of about 20 in one location that is doing this, but we want to go to some new locations August 2013! -Aaron

  4. Gary Bohn said:

    Hi, We are involved in a ministry called Time to Revive out of Dallas Tx. The entire focus is to train people to share there faith and then go out and do it. We had over 700 people go out in Flint Mi. 2 years ago and 700 people go out in Asheville N.C. last April. Right now is under way and people are being trained to go out into Seattle April 8-15th 2013. Please join us. When God starts moving the people who are listening start moving. gary

  5. Mike Bateman said:

    Man I think this is so awesome and is so needed. I have a heart for discipleship and am going to take our men connecting class through the book. There is a need in our Native American communities for this and I believe God is going to use me in this area to make disciples in our reservations and other communities as well. PTL!

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