Spinning Your Wheels in Discipleship?

See if this describes you:

You made a commitment during the Multiply Gathering to disciple someone in the coming year. You had good intentions. You felt convicted. And you really wanted to reach out to that person with the truth of Christ. But now you’re spinning your wheels.

Things have come up, and it’s been harder to initiate that conversation than you thought. So you’re thinking about rethinking your initial commitment. Discipling someone may not be in the cards for you. After all, who are you to disciple someone else when you don’t have it all together?

If that’s you, let me offer a word of encouragement—you’re most certainly not alone. Satan can discourage us, our schedules can overwhelm us, and the fear of man can intimidate us, but none of these things should stop us from sharing the gospel and pouring our lives into others for the sake of Christ. Remember, as a follower of Christ, you have the Spirit of God inside you to apply the Word of God in the lives of others. Therefore…

Pick up the phone. Send that email. Walk across the room. Go get coffee. Initiate that conversation, all the while trusting that the Lord is working behind the scenes in your relationships. You may get rejected, and that’s ok. You’re not called to manufacture results; you’re called to share the truth and the love of God. You may even be surprised to learn that the Lord has been working in the other person’s heart to prepare them for this very purpose.

By the way, if you haven’t already, you can still commit to making disciples in the coming year and let us know about it by going here. We’d love to pray for you and encourage you with emails and videos from David, Francis, and the Multiply team.

Also, we’d love to hear what questions you might have as you have started, or tried to start, a discipling relationship. Just leave your question in the “Comments” section. We may not get to everyone’s question, but we’d like to address some of the difficulties that people are having.

Don’t be discouraged. Seek the Lord in prayer, then step out in faith.

  1. oobeau78 said:

    Do you guys think this would be good to begin with a group in the church. Possibly a kick off team that can then turnaround and find someone else to disciple. Any tips for a small group to use the materials?

  2. Thanks for your email I had share jesus birth with 26 labours from nepal,india,pakistan on 11 decmber here in uae abu dhabi my name is pawan and I am from nepal working here in abu dhabi sports school taecheing taekwondo I love francis chan chinaese man he is great man.and Me and my friend visit one new labour camp there is almost 150 guys labours we invite them for christmaas picnic JUST TO LOVE THEM,FOOD,GAMES.so plz I need to talk to someone I dont no for how long we can do this just talking and shareing story its not going long term guys are hungry and thrirsty for the truth I realy dont no how to lead them.pleases help with this

  3. Rose M said:

    WOW … how did you know? 🙂 It’s hard especially when not a ‘people’ person. I know, I know … I need to trust in the Lord and let His Holy Spirit do the work. I will endeavor to do better.

  4. Hey guys,
    The Secret Church material has been amazing. The sermons are great resources as well but my disciples keep asking me HOW to pray. I know several reasons WHY and I kind of know how. I started thinking that there is a Secret Church on church and how to read the Bible which is great but prayer is huge in a discipleship relationship. Can I have some help on teaching my disciples how to pray? Do you guys know what the next Secret Church will be on? Do you take suggestions? lol Prayer would be my vote! Thanks : )

  5. Sydney said:

    I’ve been raised in a Christian household but only recently have I truly found Christ. I learned his word, and I found that I yearned to spread his word also. Trouble is, I’m a high school student, and not everyone is willing to hear the word of Christ.
    I was involved in Young Life, and I talk to my counselor at least once a week. This summer, I am signing up for the work crew at one of Young Life’s local camps. I’m also more of an introvert person, I prefer to be alone 9 times out of 10, so it makes it that much more uncomfortable to speak in large groups. Recently, I’ve also been ailed with a rare stomach condition that likes to flare up when I’m in crowds or out of my comfort zone.

    My church is one of the most supportive communities, and I am truly blessed by them. I also play as a lead guitarist in my Christian youth band, and I enjoy spreading His word that way, but I’ve always yearned to speak and tell people his word, instead of playing it.
    My question is, I want to jump out and preach but should I become more educated on the gospel first? Also, and tips for a young person wanting to disciple would be greatly appreciated!
    (Also, I’m currently reading Crazy Love and it’s fantastic. Some of it is difficult to stomach, but I love the knowledge of The Lord I get out of it).

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