What is the Multiply Gathering?
The Multiply Gathering is a time when people from all over the world come together to worship, learn about disciple-making, and are challenged to take the next step in their current disciple-making relationships—whether that’s to start a disciple-making relationship for the first time, to continue in a relationship that’s been ongoing for years, or to seek out another person to disciple.

How can I participate in the Multiply Gathering?
The Multiply Gathering will be held at a local church and broadcast worldwide via a free live stream. Due to limited seating, tickets will not be made available to the general public for the “physical” Gathering. However, we are inviting individuals, small groups, and churches to participate by hosting their own Multiply Gathering and showing the live stream in their home or church.

What is a live stream?
A live stream is a live video broadcast of an event transmitted across the internet.

When will the next Multiply Gathering be held?
The live stream will begin on Friday, November 8, 2013 at 6:00 pm CST (4:00 PST, 5:00 MST, 7:00 EST), and will last approximately three hours. If that time is not convenient for your group, you may delay the start of the live stream using the *DVR* function of the video player.

How do I register for the Multiply Gathering?
You can register for the live stream on the Multiply website. Simply click on the link and fill out the form. We will send additional information about preparing for the live stream to registered participants as it becomes available.

What will the schedule be during the Gathering?
The following is a tentative schedule for the Gathering and is subject to change.

5:00pm – Pre-Roll Begins (All groups are encouraged to sign on at this time.)
6:00pm – Welcome
6:05pm – Call to Prayer
6:35pm – Session 1
7:40pm – Break
7:50pm – Session 2
8:45pm – Call to Action
9:00pm – Gathering Concludes

** Please note that times listed are for Central time zone. Time delay is available for participants in Mountain and Pacific time zones.

Do I need to download or purchase the Multiply Material before the Gathering?
No. You do not need to download or purchase the Multiply Material to participate in the Gathering. Some groups have used the Gathering as a kick-off to the Multiply Material or a supplement while going through the Material as a church or small group.

Will there be a printed program or guide for the Gathering?
Yes. You will receive a PDF of a short program or note-taking guide that can be printed and distributed to participants 1-2 weeks before the Gathering.

We’re hosting the Multiply Gathering at our church. Can we use the videos that are on this site to promote? Are there other promotional items we can use?
Yes. You are encouraged to download and share the videos we have posted on the site. Additional promotional materials will be available in several weeks.

When will I get a link to the live stream?
All registered participants will receive a link to the live stream approximately one week before the Gathering.

I was hoping to share the Multiply Gathering with my small group or church before November. Do you have any other resources that I can use in the meantime?
Yes! You can watch the teaching sessions from the Multiply Gathering last fall whenever it’s convenient for you. Go to MultiplyMovement.com and click the orange “Download the Video” button. Once you provide the information requested, you’ll be able to stream the video from the website or download a copy to your computer.

I am unable to watch the live stream on November 8th. Will it be available for my group to watch at a later time?
Yes. Your group has two options for watching the live stream at a later date. The link to the live stream will be active for 30 days after the Gathering (through Sunday, December 8). You may come  back to the site, log on, and watch. Once the link is no longer active, a video for the teaching time will be posted online at MultiplyMovement.com.

I would like to be notified as soon as more information is available about the next Multiply Gathering.
If you would like more information about the upcoming Multiply Gathering, please fill out this form. We’ll add you to the email list for information and updates about Multiply. (We promise not to flood your inbox!)

  1. Kathy Dammon said:

    I am a missionary to Bangkok, Thailand. For the next 6 months i am in Texas and would like to attend the Multiply event in Austin, Texas Nov.8. What would I need to do to attend? Blessings, Kathy Dammon

    • Kathy – Unfortunately, seating at the church in Austin is extremely limited, so we are not making tickets available to the general public. We are inviting everyone to join via simulcast.

  2. job said:

    please help me get complete video of We Grossly Underestimate God – Francis Chan … link or site…….


  3. Lezlie said:

    Will the simulcast be available to view after November 8th if we cannot watch that evening?

    • Yes! It will be up for 30 days following November 8 for you to watch at your convenience.

  4. Shawn said:

    My church is in MST and would like to show the evening at 6:30pm. How does the *DVR* option work?

    • It will be easy! Just log on, rewind the simulcast to the beginning, and then begin playing it again.

  5. Rob Donohue said:

    I’m in San Antonio do y’all need any help or volunteers in Austin? I see below that there are no tickets but the offer stands.

    • Rob – Thank you so much for your offer of help. The church that is hosting the Gathering is taking care of all of the details, so it seems that everything is taken care of right now. Thank you again!


    I got the invitation but when do I register ?
    because I tried to register but was asked for a code, which I haven’t got yet.
    any help will be greatly appreciated.
    also, can we invite other Churches who may not be registered?
    Thank you your brother in Christ, A Estrada.

  7. Mike said:

    Our church is looking in to doing the simulcast on Nov. 8 but we are in a rural area with not super good internet provider. Was wondering what and how much bandwith is recommended for your program? Wouldn’t want to promote and not be able to watch the simulcast with interruptions.

    • Mike – There will be more specific info on this coming out soon, but for now, we can guestimate based on last year’s gathering. Last year, we recommended a sustained available download speed of 3000 Kbps or greater (DSL, Broadband connections), with a minimum of 500 Kbps. Hope this helps!

  8. Chris said:

    Dear SIr/Madam,

    Earlier I saw Francis Chan is coming to Taiwan in Oct,

    is there any information that I can have for that event?

    Thank you for helping, much love and blessings.

    • Chris,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have specifics or details available when it comes to timing and locations for Multiply Asia. We’re sorry!

  9. Yes that info helps me a bunch. It allows me something to investagate. Thanks in Christ

  10. Will they be streaming anytime of worship as part of the webcast?

    • Hi Ellis – Musical worship will not be part of our time together this year. If your church or small group wants to sing or have a time of musical worship, we are encouraging groups to do that before the live stream begins.

  11. Dan Cain said:

    Hi, thank you for all you’re doing. Is there a test link I can use to see if our chuch’s internet connection is fast enough? Also, after it airs live for the 30 day and beyond would a slower connection be able to watch it if they let it load for a while (since we wouldn’t have to worry about streaming live?)

    • We are working on a test page with a video so that you can see what the live stream should look like on Nov 8. In the meantime, you can run diagnostics on your connection through this website to see how fast you’re internet connection is: http://testmy.net.

      After the 30-day period, the video will be available on our website through Vimeo. If you have a slower internet connection, it may be helpful to download the video and play it directly from your computer rather than stream it over the internet. This option be available after the 30 day replay period.

      Here is the link to our Technical FAQs that might be helpful as you plan: https://multiplymovement.wordpress.com/technical-faqs/

  12. Tim said:

    What is going on during the call to prayer? I would like more details? Is that prayer time, music and signing via simulcast, or on our own?

    • As far as we know, it will not be music and singing, but a time of prayer led by David and Francis. Whether or not they will give you time on your own to pray (perhaps as a group where you are live streaming and/or individually), we don’t know. But I would guess that it would be very participatory and maybe even a combination of them leading prayer and us having time to pray ourselves.

  13. Kathryn said:

    We want to host the Multiply Gathering for our church on Saturday Nov 9th. This is the day after the live event, will the link allow us to view it that soon?

    • We recommend allowing a 48-hour window to make sure the video gets transferred over to the “replay” option, although we are hoping it will be up sooner than that.

  14. Dan said:

    I love the videos with text you posted for the test page – is there any way I could download those and use them to promote the event? Thank you!

  15. Ashley said:

    Above we’re told: When will I get a link to the live stream?
    All registered participants will receive a link to the live stream approximately one week before the Gathering.

    What do we do if we haven’t received a link to the live stream?

    • Sorry about that! See if you have it in your inbox now. Note that the link will take you to the Multiplymovement.com Gathering page right now, and you won’t see a “Watch Now” button until this evening. No login or password required. If this link is still not in your inbox, check your spam and junk folders – should be from moreinfo@multiplymovement.com.

  16. Jeremy said:

    Greetings… I haven’t received my link to the live stream. If you could resend that would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Jeremy said:

      Got it! Thank you. We are looking forward to tonight.

    • Jeremy – The link for the live stream on Friday evening is multiplymovement.com/watch. Click the “Watch Now” button at the top of the page. You will be asked to provide information about your group and the estimated attendance at your location. Once you submit this information, you will be redirected to the live stream video player.

  17. Reggie said:

    Where can I find the notes for the Multiply Gathering 2013 (were there fill in the blanks for this..? maybe a .pdf)

  18. Dan said:

    Hi! Is the video from the 2013 Gathering uploaded yet or should I still use the live DVR’d link? Thanks!

    • You can watch it via the website now, but as soon as the DVR version is taken down, we’ll put a downloadable version up on Vimeo.

  19. Ashley said:

    Hi! I was wondering if you could make a multiply app for the droid. I had an iPhone and really miss the app; connecting and praying with the body of Christ. Thanks!

    • We’re working on a an Android version. Hopefully that will be available soon!

      • Ashley said:

        Thank you so much!! I’m so excited!

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