Download The Multiply Live Stream

Webcast Blog Art 1We are happy to announce that the Multiply live stream from this past November is now available for download.  What’s the advantage of doing this?  As many of you have already told us, you may want to show it to a small group in segments, be able to pause and rewind easily without pauses in streaming, or view it with people in places without internet access.  The downloadable version will now give you the flexibility to do all of these things and more.

You can download the Friday night live stream from Birmingham or the Saturday night live stream from San Francisco.  Each video is now just a little over two hours because the segments of musical worship have been omitted.  This allows you the option of including your own live worship.

To download it, go to Multiply’s homepage, and click “Watch the webcast now.”  A window will pop up for you to fill in some information.  This is also where you can choose whether you want to view the Birmingham gathering or the San Francisco gathering.  After you do this, click “SUBMIT.”  At this point, nothing is different from before – when you could only view it online.  However, now there is an option to go to the video in Vimeo, where you can then download it.  So click “Vimeo” in the bottom right corner of the window that would play the webcast.  This will take you to the video in Vimeo’s website.  From here, you can click “Download” below the video and then choose which quality level you want.  The webcast will then download to your computer.

Our hope is that you now have even more opportunity to benefit from Multiply live stream and are, in turn, equipped and encouraged to take the good news of Jesus to those both near and far.

  1. Pastor Joseph Rivera said:

    I did everything according to the instructions but it never lets me download it. when I click on the file that I would like to download it just starts playing the video. Any suggestions?

    • Pastor Joseph – Once you are in the vimeo site, are you clicking on the “Download” button that is just under the video? You may need to scroll down the page a bit depending on the size of your computer screen. If you click the “Download” button you will see three options of the size of the file. Clicking on one of those will start the download.

  2. Tom said:

    Hello and thank you in advance
    It seems to have changed. It says
    Sorry but you do not have the proper permission to access this area of Vimeo
    I could not download it the other day either I clicked on the download and selected the HD and it never downloaded just
    hung there and never downloaded..

  3. kali said:

    When I go to the Multiply homepage, the orange box says “Download the Video Now.” When I click that, it takes me to Vimeo, but says, “Sorry but you do not have the proper permission to access this area of Vimeo.” Help!

  4. I’ve tried clicking on the “download the video now” in both Firefox and Chrome browsers and the page that opens on Vimeo give me this error message “Sorry but you do not have the proper permission to access this area of Vimeo.” Not sure what I am doing wrong. 🙂 I am really excited about the materials though. So grateful.

  5. Will Miedema said:

    I clicked on the “download the video” link on the multiplymovement,com website, but the link is incorrect, it sends me to a website where i don’t have permission to access this video. Can you please fix this link, so i can download this video. thanks so much

  6. Angelica Ha said:

    I couldn’t download the webcast either. Is is the button that says “Download the video now” at the top of the Multiple Movement home page? When I click that button, it says “Permission Denied. Sorry but you do not have the proper permission to access this area of Vimeo.” I don’t see anywhere that says “Watch the webcast now.” Can you give us a direct link to that?

  7. Ryan Parsons said:

    I tried getting to the Vimeo page by clicking the orange “download the video now” box on your home page, yet when it redirected me to Vimeo a “permission denied” message is up and I am unable to view or download the video. It says I do not have the proper permission to view this area of Vimeo. It may be because I am in Bolivia. If this is the case, do you have the video available in other forms?
    Thank you!

  8. Hi Everyone,

    So sorry about the downloading confusion. We are working on the problem and will update you on how to download correctly one everything is fixed and working like it should. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for letting us know!

    The Multiply Team

  9. Got the same issues, but found a way round. You can just create a vimeo account, logging and search for multiply videos, browse through and you will get the list of the gatherings. Just follow the links for the download , i would recommend using save file as or a download manager to get this done.

  10. kali said:

    Thank you, jmprosper! It worked 🙂

    • Kim said:

      Is there a dvd we can order? When I try to download it from the Vimeo page it takes me to a page that plays it in Quicktime. I thought I could download it and save it to my computer.

      • Unfortunately, we don’t have any DVDs of any of it. However, we ran into this problem and discovered that you can right click the version of the video you wish to download from Vimeo, and then click “Download Linked File As…” This allows you to save it to your computer. Hopefully this helps.

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