The Multiply Material, One PDF


Up to this point, the Multiply material has been available on our website to download for free.  However, as many of you have discovered, each section must be downloaded individually.  As a result, we have gotten several requests for a downloadable version of Multiply in one big PDF.  So, for your convenience, we now present to you….

(drum roll, please)

… the Multiply material.  In just one big PDF (roughly 1MB).  Click the book to the left to access the file for free.

  1. For anyone who’s going through the Multiply series–in a group or on your own. My small group and I have just finished Part 1 – Session 1, and we are both loving it and looking forward to the next 23 to come!

  2. Daina Lopez said:

    Is there a free PDF in Spanish?

    • Daina – We do not have the PDF in Spanish for free yet. We hope it will be available soon.

  3. Deborah said:

    Tonight is the first night for our Women’s study. I have enjoyed preparing for the session. We are a group of about 10 ladies. Please keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for you Mr. Ames.. Deborah

  4. Peggy Slaughter said:

    How many pages are involved in the entire PDF?

    • 336, including the tile page and all! It’s exactly the same as the book.

  5. Dima said:

    is there a PDF in Russian?

  6. Ryan Mejia said:

    Do you offer a workbook or study guide for the disciple to have for the 24 sessions. For example, to do weekly homework or take notes during the session. If so, how can I get one. If not, why not? Thank you!

    • Ryan
      We don’t have that – sorry! Multiply isn’t so much a “top-down” ministry as it is a grassroots movement, person-to-person… that’s our hope anyway! Resource-wise, it’s true, our team can’t afford to spread ourselves too thin. But more importantly, because discipleship takes place within the context of the local church, we want them to do the supporting, equipping, etc. We simply want to do a few things well so that they can be useful tools at the disposal of disciple-makers in local churches everywhere, as we seek to offer a little encouragement along the way. That being said, one idea could be using the questions at the end of each session (in the material). You could either print these off or go through them verbally together. Sorry about the inconvenience, but hopefully this helps a little bit!

  7. Gail said:

    If I have downloaded the free PDF can I make a copy that for the other members of the group

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