Personal Disciple-Making Plan

Making a Plan

In today’s busy world, making disciples can fall by the wayside as things of far less importance are elevated to priority status.  It takes hard work, sacrifice, and intentionality to obey the Great Commission.  We wan to point you toward a great tool that will help you rightly orient your life to make this possible.

Pastor David Platt recently encouraged members of his church to create a “personal disciple-making plan.”  Click HERE to watch to full sermon.  If creating such a plan sounds like a good idea to you but also sounds a bit ambitious and overwhelming, Pastor David has helped by posing six questions for us to consider.  Answering these six questions will lay out a plan to help you make disciples better this year.  According to Brook Hills, “This plan uses six straightforward questions laid out in the PDF available for download below to help you flesh out what it means to follow Jesus. These questions are not exhaustive, but they are essential. Our hope and prayer is that they will serve us as we consider what it means to be disciples of Jesus and make disciples of Jesus.”

We want you to consider the same thing.  How will you follow Jesus better and bring others to do the same?  This doesn’t just happen, so one way or another, you’ll need to plan.  And if you don’t know where to start… well here’s a great place.



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