Verge 2013 – Free Webcast


Join Francis Chan and David Platt via the Verge 2013 free webcast beginning Friday, March 1 during Main Session 1 The Priority of Disciple Making: There is No Plan B. The theme of the conference centers around making disciples. Learn from, and be challenged by, various church leaders on topics covering not only the theological foundation, but also the practical outworking of disciple-making.

Watch this video for more information about Verge, and the conference.

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  1. Randy L said:

    In the intro to David Platt’s new book “Follow Me” Francis Chan made this incredibly powerful statement: ” I could fill a room and preach a sermon, but I couldn’t figure out how to compel the people to leave that room and actually make disciples….looking back…part of the problem was my example” I think this was a statement of amazing humility, but the solution wasn’t really dealt with for current pastors…Can pastors, (those with the most powerful voice in their congregation)deploy the resistant church? Can it be done without setting a “deploying example”? If so, what are the first steps? (If not what are the implications?)

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