Why Follow Jesus?

Follow Me!What is your motivation? The excerpt below is from a short article by Jonathan Dodson entitled “Why Follow Jesus?” To read the full article, go to http://www.ligonier.org/learn/articles/why-follow-jesus/.

In today’s culture, we are more pragmatic than reflective. Obsessed with knowing what works and how it works, we strive to repeat the formula. We are less concerned with why things work. Discipleship is no exception. Many have traded in the why for the how, motivation for the best practice. This is disconcerting. The reason for this is that practice can take us only so far. When hardship hits, practice needs motivation to continue.

What motivates you to follow Jesus? If this question isn’t one you continually ponder and answer, you will walk away from Jesus rather than after Him.

  1. I like the balance here, sometimes without understanding the Magnificence of God or the dire results of ignoring our Creator’s desires, cause us to approach disciple-making like a girl selling girl scout cookies. But is the Power of the Spirit a missing element in this treatise? In my experience sometimes I think the Spirit is using me and He’s not, sometimes I don’t know He’s using me and He is. I think my obligation is to be a clean vessel, make myself available, look for opportunity to share either in word or deed and then leave the results to Him. And that’s hard enough!!

  2. Cherie said:

    I was wondering if you all would consider leaving the highlight capability on the pdf that can be read on line of the material. Or if there was a way of changing that once it is downloaded???

  3. Darren Sarmiento said:

    Those in our church who are going through Multiply have really enjoyed it and having a great experience. We are just finishing up the study. There is only one question I would like to ask and it has come up in the groups that are going through it. For most part it seems Multiply starts with people who have been christians for some time. enough that they have been in the church for awhile and understand the questions. We have a few people who are new believers and they couldn’t answer the questions when it came to the church.
    The question I’d like to ask is, is the study meant to start with existing Christians more than new believers? we were thinking to take new believers through this study at some point in time. Thank you for doing this and providing it to all of us it has helped me a lot. This past Saturday God used me to share Christ and the person accepted the Lord. Amen!

  4. Paul omuleyi said:

    I would like to be a commited to Jesus

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