New, Student Missions Conference

PrintHeads up, students.  We wanted to let you know about something that’s coming down the pike this winter. Over Christmas break, December 27-30, a brand new missions conference will take place in Louisville, KY. The purpose of the conference is mobilize students to “magnify the kingly majesty of Jesus” in this world where He is not currently magnified. This means reaching the unreached. And as they so keenly remind us, while everyone who believes in Jesus is saved from the wrath of God, “nobody believes without a messenger.”

There’s a good chance that if you are reading this blog, you are passionate about making disciples (or at least you want to be). This is where it would be good to remember the hugely important part of the Great Commission that talks about making disciples “of all nations.” This is not just a general encouragement to share the gospel wherever we go, but a specific command to intentionally go to all people groups.

Missions should, in some way, be an objective of yours.  Wherever you stand in regard to missions – all about it, totally against it, or not really sure – you should check out Cross.


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