Missional Community?

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 4.25.58 PMIn our last post, we highlighted a story about two young engineers who have their sights set on reaching people in their community with the good news of Jesus. How are Mitch and Cory engaging the community they live in? By being Cub Scout leaders. However, another true answer would be, in the context of a missional community. If you read their story, you may have noticed this phrase, and you may or may not have been familiar with it. If it seemed peculiar or mysterious to you (and for that matter, even if it didn’t) we’d like to draw your attention to an article written by Texas pastor Todd Engstrom in which he explains.

Engstrom’s article is titled, “What Makes a Missional Community Different?” Different than what? A community group, a Bible study, and a small group, for starters, though he’s not saying that those terms are wrong or that the term “missional community” is right. Yet generally, Engstrom also shows how the ideas behind missional communities are different from the idea that someone should attempt to make disciples lone-ranger-style. The difference is huge, and if we are seeking to effectively make disciples as the body of Christ, we would do well to consider some of the vital truths and practical help that Engstrom offers as he encourages missional communities… whether we call them that or not.


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