5 Reasons We Don’t Disciple

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 4.10.04 PMAs much as we can, we like to point you to other voices that offer different, but like-minded perspectives on disciple-making. Barry Cooper is one such voice. Currently, he is in the middle of a five-part series on the 9Marks blog. In each of the five posts, Cooper discusses a different reason that churches and individual Christians may not be discipling well.

The point is not to be negative or focus on weakness, but Cooper realizes that unrealized problems are rarely ever fixed. So take his reasons we don’t disciple and make them starting blocks from which you and your church can begin to disciple better.

You can access part 1 here. Be sure to keep up with the rest of his five insights for more eye-opening aid in your struggle to persevere as a faithful disciple-maker.

9Marks is a great ministry that focuses on building healthy churches. For more about them, explore the rest of their super helpful website.


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