Time for a Check Up

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It’s hard to believe that the Multiply live stream happened over eight months ago!  Our hope is that since November 2012, you’ve had many great opportunities to share the gospel, encourage others with truth, and work on those disciple-making relationships we all prayed for at the gathering.

However, as many of you may have already found, this isn’t always easy.  In fact, more times than not, it’s difficult.  Especially in the beginning.  Striking up conversations about the Lord, figuring out how to initiate an ongoing discipleship relationship, knowing how to address unfamiliar issues… it’s tough.  We can set out with the best of intentions and a solid plan that looks great on paper, but things don’t always happen like we would hope.

We want to know your story.  What are these hurdles that seem so high?  What are the struggles that you can’t seem to figure out how to tackle?  What successes have you had?  What have you figured out?  What can’t you seem to figure out?  How have you seen the Lord work?  Do you have any questions we may be able to help with?

We are so excited to gather together again on November 8th, and share great stories of God’s faithfulness with one another, as well as stories of difficult struggle. Continue in the good work, knowing that he who has called you is faithful!

As a quick note, we may use your story to help others in the future.  Comment below or post it on the Multiply Facebook page.

  1. I have foundd it very difficult to approach a stranger and give the Gospel and see any results using that approach. Usually, over my history in my journey with Christ, I establish friendship, eventually have the opportunity to say a few words regarding my faith and Jesus, and from there God either opens the door more toward the person going to show any interest in Christ and eventually coming to hear the Gospel preached or making a comment they wish to know more to me about Christ. This is certainly slower, but God does the work and HE is always on time! No one will EVER be lost or not be saved b ecause I waas slow or fast in my witness. No Church is going to thwart God’s redemption of a soul because they are lazy and shiftless or just don’t engage. We deny our Lord’s teachings if we demand that WE personally are responsible for their souls not being saved or not working with them and they die without Christ. No soul is lost for whom Jesus died on the Cross for. That of course, doesn’t mean we are to be disobedfient and just say God will save them and we don’t need to be obedient. We miss the blessings, we are not serving Christ faithfully if we don’t take the message to all that we can possibly take it to. But we also must not put a guilt trip of the Church as if people go to Hell because we did not witness to them. That is impossible for His elect to ever go to Hell because someone did not witness. God will Make sure a witness get to His elect in some form or fashion, even as Augustine, was hearing a little child say “Pick up and
    read”! It will happen because of His purpose in calling and saving His people from their sins! Placing the onus on the backs of a Saint for their eternal destiny as if that hangs in the balance because of us is absolutel cruel and not Biblical at all.

  2. Darlene said:

    It seems that many people here in the US feel that all is well with them. They don’t see their condition; therefore, they don’t seem interested in the “solution” (being Jesus as Lord). I often think of John the Baptist, “preparing the way for the Lord” and feel there is such a need for the hearts of men to be stirred up to see their own condition so that they might welcome the Remedy. I live in a community where many people attend church, though the fruit is often not present to give evidence that they, as individuals, truly know Jesus as Lord and Savior. It’s pretty frustrating. People don’t seem to welcome a conversation that might suggest that they are in need of renewal. Personally, I’m not sure how I can point the way, successfully.

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