Looking for Stories to Share at Multiply Gathering ’13

  1. We are just beginning to teach. Is there a video on line for each of the 24 weeks or one video for each of the five sections?

    • There is one for each of the 24 weeks. They will appear on the right side of the “Material” section of the website, corresponding to the lesson you have selected on the left.

  2. Adam Weaber said:

    Red Wagon – I’m in Taiwan with my wife and saw he would be here. May I ask details on that?

    • Adam,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have specific details about when and where David and Francis will be each moment of Multiply Asia. We’re sorry!

  3. Anita said:

    I am soooo excited to share this with you!! I started the Multiply material along with the youversion devotions with a group of women via the groupme app. We have been going through it together for 124 days. Since then, one of the women has started a website in which she shares testimonies and she is encouraging others to read Multiply! I have also started an organization called W.I.N. (Wifestyle Image Network): http://www.wifestyle-net.webs.com. I am equipping women through the Multiply material and other mentoring courses to be Titus 2 women and teach younger women to be disciples for Jesus. It is growing!! Within 3 days it was international (12 cities, 6 U.S. States and 2 African countries) and my hope is that as I begin the Multiply journey with them, they will in turn reach others with the gospel. Also, I just had another group of six christian women who asked me to mentor them. We meet tomorrow! It is already starting and I praise God for this resource. It has opened my eyes to my life’s purpose.

    I will be praying for Multiply Asia. Please pray for me as well that I will be obedient as I hear the voice of God and give direction to the mentees and disciples that God has given me. God is certainly using you both! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Glory to God!

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