Two Roads Diverged…

Roads DivergingWhat happens when you are mentoring someone and that person’s beliefs start to differ from yours? You are teaching them the Word, loving and encouraging them, and spending time with them on a regular basis. So wouldn’t the natural outcome be that this younger believer eventually becomes a theological carbon copy of you? Or, if you are the one being mentored, wouldn’t it make the most sense for you to believe everything your mentor believes?

Unfortunately, it isn’t usually this easy. Beliefs don’t always match up, even in a mentoring relationship.

North Carolina pastor Andrew Davis recently addressed this scenario on The Gospel Coalition blog. In his brief article, he explains why mentors and “mentorees” hold differing views and how to travel on once those two roads have diverged.

Read Pastor Davis’ full article here.

  1. Bob Brownson said:

    We are starting a class in our church and using Multiply. An interesting question arose in that how is the word multiply being understood. It does seem confusing in that we usually think of multiply in the context of increasing the kingdom of God by conversion but in this case it seems that we are discipling the already saved (a great thing and mentioned in lesson 1) but are we multipling the Kingdom? On page 333 of the book there is a sentence that says “This is how the church grows…” In the context of discipling should this say “This is how the church grows stronger..”? Also the opening question is lesson 1 deals with Luke 6:40. This is a difficult passage and how do you relate this to a measure of faith?

    • Bob,

      Good distinction to make. When we talk about making disciples, we are talking about it all (conversion and training/growing believers in their faith). But it starts with evangelism. Jesus said “Follow me” to the apostles when they were fishermen and tax collectors, so the Kingdom literally grew as those disciples were made, but then he went on “teaching them everything [he] commanded,” and they were built up in their faith, so strengthening the church. You’re right in that… good point. And then, because disciples are disciple-makers, the church continues to grow (exponentially) as they grow strong, because they are making more disciples.

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