You Can Listen to the Multiply Material

Sometimes preparation for our time of meeting together with someone to discuss the truths of God’s Word doesn’t go as we planned. Maybe you get sick, your wife gets sick, or you have to take care of a situation involving your kids. Now you’re left with almost no time to read through the material. Well fear not! All is not lost.

Did you know that each lesson from the Multiply material has an accompanying audio version read by Francis Chan?

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 1.20.07 PMAs you can see above, by simply clicking on the “Listen To This Section” link, you can easily listen to the lesson in situations where you not be able to read it. Even if you have read the material, you might want to use this feature to review what you’ve read.

However you use it, we hope this feature will be another helpful tool as you seek to build up others in the faith.

  1. Marlys Johnson said:

    I can not find where I can download the video sessions for each chapter of the book, Multiply.

    • If you go to the “Material” page of, the videos that correspond to each section of the book will appear on the right side of the page as you click on the part and section you are reading. Hope this helps!

  2. greg said:

    audio will not work

    • Which session are you on? I tried a couple of them, and they seem to be working on our end. It could have been a momentary glitch in our revamped site – we’ve had several of those. Let us know if it continues.

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