Multiply Asia

Asian CityMultiply Asia is underway, and we want you guys to partner with us in prayer as Francis and David encourage believers on the other side of the world to make disciples who make disciples. Their schedule is packed, and they need support, so here are some ways you can be praying for them over the next week:

Travel – 3 countries in just over 1 week! Pray for their safety, for ease of travel (getting through airport security, no flight delays, etc.), and for rest from their almost nonstop itinerary and jet lag.

Speaking – Francis and David will be speaking before thousands throughout the trip. Pray for their messages to be clear, motivating, and most of all, God-glorifying. And pray for energy, especially on Sunday the 6th, when they will be speaking at a combined 9 services.

Relationships – Pray that the Lord would bless the relationships that Francis and David have with church leaders in Asia, both old and new. May these relationships result in the multiplication of disciples worldwide.

Disciples – Pray that more are made! At the same time, pray that existing disciples in Asia will be spurred on to spend their life making disciples… if not for the first time, then more than ever before.

As you pray, keep your eyes peeled for updates on the blog from the team in Asia. May God accomplish things through Multiply Asia that no man or group of men could ever accomplish alone!

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  1. Darre Dewald said:

    I am a disciple maker in China, it is such an awesome step forward that you guys are able to do what you are doing in the nation of China! You have my prayers for continued favor from the Lord to invest spiritually in the harvest there!!!!!!

  2. Deb Porras said:

    Tonight I am going to begin the study of your book and videos with a friend in Venezuela. I want to encourage her to disciple the ones in family and community of Puerto Cabello. Has your book been translated to Spanish yet? I personally have gotten to the chapter about disciplining globally. We are going to do it via Facebook.

  3. hirodai said:

    is there any possibility you could post the schedule and venues they will be speaking at?
    i live in japan and would love to attend one of their speaking engagements. thank you in advance.

    • Unfortunately, due to the nature of traveling in Asia and the security restrictions that are in place in many countries, we are not able to share the exact locations where the team will be. We hope you can understand.

      • Tiffanie said:

        These restrictions are not what we are used to here in America. It’s tough for us to understand the difficult nature of your ministry work in Asia. God bless you. You are performing a mighty work in His name.

  4. Denny said:

    They are coming to my church for 3 days from 9th to 11th. I am attending this program and excited to see them even though they wouldn’t recognize me. Francis was speaking at this program last 2 years in my church, my wife and I were really moved and encouraged by him. Many of my church members are praying for them and I will pray for them too. May God stir up our spirits through them so that we will focus on discipling more than ever.

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