“Just Do Something!” – A story from Multiply Asia

“Just do something.”  Those words where ringing in my ears as I took my seat on the plane from Beijing to Tokyo.  I conveniently changed seats with one of my traveling companions, which put me in the unfortunate middle seat!  Not only did he subject me to the middle seat but he also made sure I was aware that God might use my new situation as a gospel opportunity.  This was obviously his way of making himself feel better!  I’m not sure he or I knew at the moment how prophetic that comment truly was.

I sat down with one thing on my already jet-lagged, sleep-deprived mind, “I just want to get some sleep.” Well, it turns out that God did have other plans for the three-hour plane ride.  Sleep would have to wait.  The seat beside me was soon occupied by Sam; a kind, friendly, and talkative individual from D.C. who works in the space industry.  Needless to say, based on his line of work, Sam is quite intelligent.  This is where those words “just do something” come into play.  About 24hrs earlier I sat and observed a Q&A with David and Francis in Beijing.  During that time they were asked some questions concerning making disciples and spreading the gospel.  To one question Francis gave a somewhat comical, but entirely serious answer, “just do something.”

As those words rang in my ears I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep on the plane.  I was going to do something and engage Sam with the gospel.  One simple question, “Are you are follower of Christ?” led to a three hour discussion of the Christian faith.  Sam asked me just about every hard question one can think to ask.  Over the next three hours I did the best I could to give evidence for the existence of God, to answer the problem of evil, and even to address whether or not Sam was going to hell apart from Christ.  It was not easy, and I know my answers were inadequate at times, but Sam politely listened.  I think I was given the opportunity to correct a lot of misunderstanding in Sam’s mind concerning Christianity, and even help offset the stereotype he had regarding Christians. For that I’m grateful. I’m grateful for Sam’s willingness to engage with me in conversation, and even appearing to be open to being wrong.  I’m grateful for what Francis said the day before that God used to compel me in this situation.

The reality is, I’ve been given this same opportunity many times, and many times I’ve gone to sleep or devised some other rationale for not doing something.  In this situation, by God’s grace, I did something. I can’t express the joy that comes with simply being obedient in that moment; a joy I’ve experienced many times but tend to easily forget. Do you feel stuck?  Do you feel like you don’t know where to begin? Let me urge you, just do something. You won’t regret it.


This story was written by Cory, one of the members of the Multiply team traveling with David and Francis in Asia.

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