Reflections from Japan – David & Francis

David and Francis share their thoughts from their time in Japan.

  1. It is so incredibly awesome to see what the LORD is doing in places like China. Thank you for being obedient to the LORD and taking the gospel to “the ends of the earth” that need to hear the good news!

  2. C Seid Ikegami said:

    Thank you to your team for coming to Japan. I was able to hear Francis speak in Tokyo. It was timely for our team as we ourselves are trying to start a home church out of the need for one for the university students we work with. Being out in the countryside, we often feel like we have no idea what we are doing and definitely have a feeling of being alone! If you guys know of anyone wanting to mentor us more in the process, let me know!

  3. Jenny said:

    I wish we were closer to Tokyo! I think it’s great that you left with such a good impression of the believers in Japan. I was actually a bit surprised to hear it as the beginning of this year brought about the shocking news that Japan’s Christianity population growth has gone from practically stagnant for the past few decades to declining. There’s been a decline in the number of Christians and churches too and the average age is increasing quickly as members grow older and the number of young families & kids decline.

    As Francis said, many believers here definitely are strong. The persecution in this country is not political but social and cultural. There are Christians here who commit suicide after converting because they can’t cope with the covert & not so covert social bullying. The part I was surprised about was how Christians here believe that it’s their responsibility to go out and make disciples. I think it’s something that the pastors are starting to become aware of and some have implemented, but most aren’t there yet. The HS, and especially the power of the HS, isn’t mentioned a whole lot in most churches as Japanese churches tend to be more OT than NT in their teachings. The norm here still is to defer to the pastor or missionary any questions that a not-yet-believing friend may have. My prayer is that Francis’s words were prophetic! It would be awesome to see discipleship really take off here and for people to really own it, for Christians here to become aware of the power of the HS and start relying on it too. Pray for a revival in Japan!

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