Multiply 2013… Deja Vu?

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 11.27.43 AMYou may be asking yourself, “If I participated in the Multiply Gathering live stream last year, what’s the point in signing up this year? Won’t it just be the same stuff?”

We know your time is in high demand, and you can trust us when we say that we don’t want to waste it. We believe that participating in Multiply 2013 will not only benefit those of you who participated last year, but have even more to offer you the second time around!

To flesh out the night’s content a little bit more, here is a top ten list of why you should sign up… again.

  1. Encouragement – You have been trying to make disciples for the past year. Hopefully you’ve had many victories, but if you’re like us, we know that you’ve also had some struggles and failures. One of the big aims of the 2013 Gathering is that we’re all encouraged to endure.
  2. The Word – Our foundation for making disciples will be the foundation for the upcoming Gathering. Francis and David will share from the Word again – motivating, empowering, and equipping us in this journey.
  3. Prayer – Together, we’ll spend some intentional time petitioning our heavenly Father for help and success as we seek to make His name famous.
  4. Their Journey – Francis and David will share some of their personal disciple-making journey over the past year in hopes of encouraging others with both their “highs” and their “lows.”
  5. Our Journey – We’ve heard about some of your disciple-making experiences, and we’ll be sharing some of these stories at the 2013 Gathering. None of us are alone. Come hear how others are doing.
  6. Recommitting – Some of you have been galloping along all year, and we want to make sure it stays that way. Some of you have fallen completely off the horse and need to get back in the saddle. So together, we’ll commit to another year of following Christ and leading others to do the same.
  7. Bring Your Friend(s) – Part of last year’s charge was that this year, you’d participate in the live stream with the person you’ve led to Christ and poured into. Bring them with you!
  8. Bring Others – Don’t stop with your one person though. Bring other believers so they can be encouraged to make disciples too.
  9. Newbies Welcome – Don’t be afraid to pick up with the second Multiply Gathering if you missed the first. You’ll be up to speed in no time!
  10. The Process Continues – Making disciples who make disciples who make disciples is an ongoing process for every follower of Christ. Disciple-making isn’t something you can just “check-off.” We all know that. Multiply 2013 will be a tool to help you resist just such a temptation and continue your disciple-making journey.

Register for the FREE 2013 Multiply Gathering live stream HERE.

1 comment
  1. Mack Ogren said:

    I just finished all 24 of the Multiply lessons with my future son in law. He is a new believer having come to faith in Christ 18 months ago. He is from India and had been raised in the Hindu faith. I was so pleased with how this material impacted his life. I deem him ready to marry my daughter on Dec.1. Thank you, Francis and David. You have a new friend in Pune, India.

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