To Help You Keep Going

Energizer BunnyWe hope you’ve seen the Lord work in and through you in this past year as you’ve sought to teach someone else what it means to follow Christ. As you’ve probably noticed, making disciples is both rewarding and challenging. You may even feel like you need to recharge your batteries in this important area. If so, we’ve got good news: the next Multiply live stream is quickly approaching!

We’re coming together on November 8 to encourage one another to continue to obey Christ’s command to His church to make disciples. While the purpose of the night is the same as last year’s Gathering, the content will be different this year, so be sure you make plans to participate again. If you’ve led someone to the Lord in this past year, or if you’ve been building up a new believer in the faith, then invite that person to join in the live stream on Friday, November 8. Once again, it’s free, so make plans now and register.

Remember, the goal of Multiply is to make disciples who make disciples. Use this upcoming live stream as an encouragement and a challenge to continue making the gospel known. Also, if you know other believers who need to hear about the importance of making disciples, invite them to join you. We want as many people as possible leading others to follow Christ.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…”


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