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If you haven’t already seen these videos, there are 5 more on the Vision page of the Multiply website. Get a glimpse into Francis and David’s heart for making disciples as you listen in to their extended conversation.



On one hand, we were created by God to enjoy his grace. Apart from everything else God created, we were made in his image. We alone have the capacity to enjoy God in intimate relationship with him. The first word the Bible uses to describe that relationship is blessing. God blessed the human race not because of any merit or inherent worth in in us, but simply out of pure, unadulterated grace. God created humankind to enjoy his grace.

But that was not the end of the story, because on the other hand, God immediately followed his blessing with a command. “God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.’ ” God gave his people his image for a reason – so that they might multiply his image throughout the world. He created human beings, not only to enjoy his grace in relationship with him, but also to extend his glory to the ends of the earth.

Simple enough. Enjoy his grace and extend his glory. This is the twofold purpose behind the creation of the human race in Genesis 1, and it sets the stage for an entire Book that revolves around the same purpose. In every genre of biblical literature and every stage of biblical history, God is seen pouring out his grace on his people for the sake of his glory among all peoples.

– David Platt, Radical, p.65

Are you new to the Multiply Movement? Was the recent live stream your first real call to biblical disciple-making? Are you unsure about where to begin if you were to disciple someone starting today? Then this post is for you!

You can find all of the Multiply material on our website for free by going here. Not only do you have access to this material, but we have provided leader videos by Francis Chan and David Platt to assist you in the process!

The video below is the first of the Leader Videos that accompany the free Multiply discipleship material. Each of the 24 lessons contains a video with David Platt and Francis Chan aimed at helping you lead someone else (or a small group) through this material in the discipleship process.

In order to get to the videos, simply go to the Multiply website, click on the “Materials” tab, find the specific lesson you want, and then click on the “Read More” option to see the video and the lesson appear on the screen.

Read through the week’s lesson and then watch the corresponding video. Hopefully, you’ll find some questions answered and be encouraged along the way.

In addition to Multiply resources, videos, and updates, you may have noticed that the free Multiply app (as well as the new website) has a prayer request feature. Many of you have already taken advantage of this by posting prayer requests and by indicating that you are praying for others.

Our goal with the prayer request feature is to provide an avenue to connect with others for prayer and encouragement as you seek to make disciples. All prayer requests are important because they represent real hurts, concerns, and anxieties (as well as praises). However, our vision for this particular feature is for followers of Christ to lift one another up in prayer as we engage others with the gospel of Christ. All you have to do is set up an account, and it’s free!iPhone: Photo of an iPhone just waiting for your app to be imposed into it. Perfect for iPhone App ads or for presentation purposes.

To interact, post questions, or leave comments, follow Multiply on Facebook, the blog, or contact us at

We’re grateful that so many of you have already begun praying for one another in this sometimes difficult, yet glorious task of bearing witness to Christ and His Word.

E-laine lives in the Philippines and has requested we pray for them in the tragic wake of Typhoon Haiyan. She specifically asked that we pray for Gracetoration Christian Fellowship in Coron, Palawan, Philippines, a church that has used Multiply as a tool in their disciple-making. Recently, we were able to ask her some questions to better guide our prayers.

Gracetoration Christian Fellowship

Gracetoration Chrisitan Fellowship seeks to share the love of Jesus in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.

How are you connected with Gracetoration Christian Fellowship in the Philippines?

The Pastor of this church, Pastor Paul Dignadice is a dear friend of our family. He used to pastor our church in Metro Manila, but the Lord touched his heart to go back to his homeland, which is Coron, Palawan. He organized a group called “Jesus’ Young Followers” – discipling young men and women who will give glory to God and will make disciples who will make disciples who will make disciples who will make disciples. I have volunteered as a Youth Leader under Pastor Paul’s leadership for 5 years but I am based here in Metro Manila.

Jesus’ Young Followers Facebook page is: We post updates on this page too.

How can the church here assist you? Include some specific prayer requests.

a. Pastor Paul’s house and other workers’ houses has been hit really bad by the storm – pray for provisions as they rebuild; pray for comfort, Strength (spiritual, emotional, physical), wisdom, and more love for the Lord as they continue to become living testimonies of Jesus’ love.

b. The church lost its roofing, walls, windows… pray for them as the church rebuilds.

c. The members of this church are taking care of others before themselves-their needs-their houses. Pray that the Lord will continue to comfort them, give them strength as they go around trying to help others.

d. They need provisions to do these things. please pray for provisions as they try to help others with food, clothing, shelter and provisions for their own needs.

e. Names of Pastors/workers there: they need prayers as they lead the congregation in sharing Jesus to those who lost their homes, businesses, and other possessions.

i. Pastor Paul Dignadice and family: (Pastor Paul’s facebook page:

ii. Pastor Boy Garcia and family:

iii. Pastor Romy Cruz and family:

You mentioned taking this opportunity to share Jesus’ love with others. How is Gracetoration Christian Fellowship doing this?

a. They opened the doors of their church to those who totally lost their homes. The church is being used as a “half-way” house right now.

b. They are going around and distributing food to those who do not have any.
I know they have more stories to tell… but im just asking for prayers for them as they face this difficult time.

c. Electricity has not been restored for the town– pray that they will get it back soon.

– – – – –

As you pray for E-laine, Pastor Paul, and his team, also pray about potentially giving financially to the relief effort and the enormous material need it’s attempting to meet. We recommend giving to Compassion International, Samaritan’s Purse, and Baptist Global Response… all ministries that specialize in disaster relief and long-term development, and all ministries that are currently on the ground in the Philippines.

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The Multiply App is now available, and it’s free! Get it here on iTunes.

This app is designed to be a helpful tool as you seek to make disciples. Get easy access to Multiply resources, post and respond to prayer requests related to making disciples, and stay updated on Multiply announcements.

We hope the Multiply app will be a useful for you and those you know. Tell a friend about this free resource.

The following is a summary of the main teaching session (Session 1) of the Multiply Gathering 2013 in Austin, Texas. David Platt and Francis Chan spoke alternately in short increments on a variety of biblical passages. Here are some common themes that emerged:

As we move out to make disciples, we have to keep in mind some foundational, yet often-neglected truths. Sharing the gospel is not something we engage in on our own. We don’t have to manufacture anything. God is at work, and according to John 5:17, the Son is working too. And He has sent His Spirit to live in us in order to do the work of spreading the gospel.

In light of the fact that the Spirit lives in us, we ought to expect that our lives would be different from unbelievers, that we would manifest things that we can’t produce on our own. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is alive in you. He involves us in His mission not because He needs us, but because He loves us.

As we proclaim the message of the gospel, one of the temptations we face is to add to the gospel. This may seem like a good idea, but Paul says in 1 Corinthians 1:17 that adding to the word of the cross is actually to empty the cross of its power. God has chosen to use the foolish and weak. We simply, speak, obey, and trust in Him.

One comforting thought as we move out to make disciples is the reality that God is already at work in people’s lives. We ought to trust that as we seek to engage people. However, there will be rejection. But when we are rejected, we ought not be discouraged. This is expected; we’re not failures. A failure is the person who doesn’t speak the gospel, not the person who speaks and is rejected. Like Isaiah in Isaiah 6, we may be called to a work where there is only rejection. Like Amos, we ought to be in awe that we would be used to speak God’s Word to others. Therefore, we should not be discouraged when we are told not to speak. We didn’t come up with this in the first place.

Picture people you know who are unsaved and trust that God is at work in some of their lives. Trust that He has put you in their life. And He wants some of them to come to have life in Him. Do not let the Adversary cause you not to believe in God.

Move out toward unbelievers you know while trusting in God’s power.