How YOU Said it was Going

Multiply EmblemSince the Multiply Gatherings last year, God has been working in people’s lives all over the world. This working is happening in a variety of ways through a variety of people. For some, it has brought much fruit as they seek to share and teach the gospel to people right around them in their community. For others, it has been wrought with difficulty and resistance. However, in all of these cases, the constant remains the same: God is drawing people to himself through Christ in nations all over the world, and here are a few of the joys and struggles experienced in the last year. We hope this brings encouragement, yet much prayer and preparation as November 8 is drawing near.

“I’m a missionary in South Africa and my wife and I are going through the Multiply material with 13 youth leaders here, meeting weekly in our house. These leaders are beginning to multiply and disciple our local youth and family members. Awesome to see disciples making disciples!”
– Chris, South Africa

“I have begun going back to the pub that I frequent as an unbeliever and have decided to turn what I enjoy recreationally, watching the Chicago Bears, into ministry. I am working on building relationships with unbelievers there with the common ground of Da Bears. I have had greater difficulty with encouraging believers to make disciples. I have been working on beginning my disciple making myself.”
– Ian, Round Lake Beach, IL

“There’s the challenge of having to reach my campus alone. Getting med students to commit to ANYTHING is like herding cats. I think because so much of our schedule is forced upon us we react by being noncommittal to all else. So anything involving commitment/setting goals, whether sharing the gospel, discipling others, or even just showing up for a discipleship meeting, has been a big challenge to overcome.”
– Shane, Little Rock, AR

“I met a man in a nutrition club where we both go to exercise. We began a friendship. He shared with me that he and his live in girlfriend are raising their son and wish they had some guidelines/help. He and another Christian friend of mine had several talks about life, which led naturally into conversations about God. Then he was invited to our church. After attending several weeks in a row, he began to have serious questions about faith since he grew up with no spiritual guidance. The conversation eventually turned into an opportunity to share Christ’s love with him and offer him salvation. He prayed to receive Christ as his Savior.”
– Todd, Jackson, MI

“You do not need the ‘right’ words or to be an outgoing person. I am a very shy and reserved person. Every time I am meeting with someone or working at the soup kitchen I pray to be filled with the Spirit and every time, EVERY time, He takes over and great things happen. When people talk about the way I am able to engage with people I always say, ‘This is not me; this is all God!’”
– Lindsay, Pottstown, PA

“Sometimes people aren’t ready to hear the good news of how God can transform their lives. In those instances, I have to walk away and know that I planted a seed and now I have to leave the rest up to God. That is very difficult with people close to me because I don’t want to see them hurt anymore. But I have to let the Holy Spirit do his job.”
– Jane, Birmingham, AL

“A young lady from China actually became engaged in Christianity and our local outreach to international students. She was encouraged by others, and my role was that of a Paul to Timothy. I intentionally met with her to encourage her, hold her accountable and teach/share more about Christ through His Word.”
– Angela, Serbia

Those are just a few examples of fruit and struggles experienced since last year’s Multiply Gatherings. Continue to pray that more stories of Christ’s power, grace and mercy begin to be told as a result of Multiply 2013. And as you pray, make sure you REGISTER TODAY for the free live stream of Friday’s Gathering and invite your friends to join!

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