“I haven’t made a single disciple.”

Discouraged MultiplierIf, since the last Gathering, you can echo that sentiment, there are at least two ways of handling it. 1) Give up, or 2) learn from your shortcomings and recommit. Of course, we would urge you to embrace this latter response and be all the more diligent in your calling to make disciples this year. *

We don’t want your discouragement to lead to you not participating in the Multiply Gathering. Whether you are being tempted to give up or have already resolved to get back on your horse, the Gathering this Friday is sure to help. We don’t want to give you a guilt trip or discourage you further. In fact, you should know that you’re not alone. Take it from Mary in Alabama:

At work, I haven’t seen someone actually come to faith. They seem to be interested in what I believe, but aren’t willing to follow Christ… I wish I had more time for them.

Here are a couple others:

Not seeing fruit is really discouraging, but it’s probably because I don’t get on my knees as often as I should for my disciple. – Gabriella, NJ

I cry sometimes because I don’t know how to help some people. I feel guilt over missed opportunities and ways that I see I didn’t use the wisdom of Gd and relied on my own instead. – Bradley, GA

Our goal this Friday is to encourage you if you’re discouraged. So don’t let the fact that you haven’t made a disciple since the last Gathering keep you from participating in this one. It’s free, and you have only to gain from it. Although the registration process is super easy, don’t wait until Friday afternoon. We’d encourage you to take 60 seconds and REGISTER NOW.

* Note: We realize that even when faithful, there can be cases in which the people you have been sharing with reject the gospel. Not all cases in which there is little or no fruit are a result of personal shortcomings or unfaithfulness in disciple-making.

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  1. Sergii said:

    Thank you, was really good to hear/read it.

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