Time Zone Shmym Zone

Time Zones

Live on the West Coast? Mountain time? Who cares?

Well, we do. But for the Multiply live stream this Friday, it doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in. With our delayed streaming option, you can postpone the start of the simulcast until your crew gets off work, done with practice, and dinner in their bellies.

As you know, the live stream will begin on Friday at 6pm CENTRAL time and is set to go until about 9pm. As long as you log in before 9pm central, you can pause and rewind the live stream just like you would a DVR. So if you live in California and watching “live” would mean getting off work early, no sweat! You can start watching it when you get home. (If you’re really bad a figuring out time differences, don’t despair! Here’s a handy time zone calculator.)

More details on this and a host of other technical information related to the live stream can be found in our Technical FAQs page. Make sure you check it out if you have a question about the technical side of things. And make sure you register for the live stream ahead of time. See you Friday!

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