What to Expect on Friday

_V1A3097For those of you who have registered for the Multiply live stream this Friday, you may be wondering what exactly that evening will look like. We’ll see if we can enlighten you a little bit.

This Week
Let’s assume you’ve already registered (if not, don’t wait anymore!). Between now and Friday, if you haven’t already tested your internet connection to make sure you have enough bandwidth, you should go ahead and do so. Also before Friday, you may want to print off a program for each person that will be participating with you.

Then on Friday, we’d encourage you to log in to watch at 5pm Central or shortly thereafter. At that time, we’ll have some videos and announcements up and running so you can make sure your connection is working well and all your technical bases are covered. The program will start at 6pm. The schedule, according to the Central time zone, is as follows:

6:00pm – Welcome
6:05pm – Call to Prayer
6:35pm – Session 1
7:40pm – Break
7:50pm – Session 2
8:45pm – Call to Action
9:00pm – Gathering Concludes

This breakdown is tentative and subject to change, but it does give you a good feel for how the night will look. Keep your eye on our Twitter account, our Facebook page, and this blog for important updates and information leading up to Friday and then throughout the live stream that evening.


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