Praying for Others Who Are Making Disciples

In addition to Multiply resources, videos, and updates, you may have noticed that the free Multiply app (as well as the new website) has a prayer request feature. Many of you have already taken advantage of this by posting prayer requests and by indicating that you are praying for others.

Our goal with the prayer request feature is to provide an avenue to connect with others for prayer and encouragement as you seek to make disciples. All prayer requests are important because they represent real hurts, concerns, and anxieties (as well as praises). However, our vision for this particular feature is for followers of Christ to lift one another up in prayer as we engage others with the gospel of Christ. All you have to do is set up an account, and it’s free!iPhone: Photo of an iPhone just waiting for your app to be imposed into it. Perfect for iPhone App ads or for presentation purposes.

To interact, post questions, or leave comments, follow Multiply on Facebook, the blog, or contact us at

We’re grateful that so many of you have already begun praying for one another in this sometimes difficult, yet glorious task of bearing witness to Christ and His Word.
  1. Is there a way that I can print off the question and study information for the material

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