New to Multiply? This is for You!

Are you new to the Multiply Movement? Was the recent live stream your first real call to biblical disciple-making? Are you unsure about where to begin if you were to disciple someone starting today? Then this post is for you!

You can find all of the Multiply material on our website for free by going here. Not only do you have access to this material, but we have provided leader videos by Francis Chan and David Platt to assist you in the process!

The video below is the first of the Leader Videos that accompany the free Multiply discipleship material. Each of the 24 lessons contains a video with David Platt and Francis Chan aimed at helping you lead someone else (or a small group) through this material in the discipleship process.

In order to get to the videos, simply go to the Multiply website, click on the “Materials” tab, find the specific lesson you want, and then click on the “Read More” option to see the video and the lesson appear on the screen.

Read through the week’s lesson and then watch the corresponding video. Hopefully, you’ll find some questions answered and be encouraged along the way.


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