A Radically Different American Dream

Jim and Betty with Their Small Groups

From our friends at Shattered Magazine comes the story of Jim Warren, the executive director of David Platt’s resource ministry, Radical.

Jim has the same story as all believers – he once was lost but now is found. And though this basic template of redemption in Christ remains constant, each “found” person fills it in with their own unique, providential journey. Check out Jim’s story and see God’s glory on display in the life of a man whose success shifted from being worldly to being heavenly, from being temporal to being eternal.

In the words of article writer Mitch Eubank, “When we hear a story like Jim Warren’s, let us not only be encouraged by his truly radical steps of faith, but more importantly, let us be drawn into the worship of our great God; the same God who chooses to use helpless sinners in His great plan of redeeming a people from every nation, tribe, and tongue.”

Read the entire story HERE.


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