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Paul Tripp discusses how to fit mission into your schedule without causing it to become one more thing on the today list for the family.

In the video clip above he says,

“…if you’re saying mission is just one more thing to add to an already busy schedule, think about the thinking behind that thinking. Again it’s got this divided life to it.

The fact of the matter is mission is my schedule. It’s not one more thing to my schedule.

And so if I’m going to work I’m not thinking, ‘Well I’m at work today and then later on tonight I’m going to do ministry.’ I’m thinking, ‘I’m heading to a God given place of ministry where I will have the opportunity to live out the grace of the Gospel both in the way that I respond and the grace that I give to people. I get to live that out a thousand ways today…‘I think, ‘How could it be that I would be so privileged as to be apart of the most important work in the Universe—it’s called redemption and I get to do that all the time.’

What do I want for my children? Redemption. What do I want for my neighbors? Redemption. What do I want for my husband or wife? Redemption. What do I want for my coworkers? Redemption. What do I want for the shop keeper that I meet three or four times a week? Redemption. And I want to be apart of that. And by the touch of my hand, by the tone of my voice, by the look on my face I want to represent the One who has sent me.

I think my job is to make the grace of an invisible Christ visible.”

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  1. I can’t find the weekly video’s for each session – on my mobile app it said to go to materials, then the session, then read more and the video would be at the end of the session but they are not there. Is there anyone that can tell me where to find them. I hear an audio file but not a video file.

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