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Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 4.10.04 PMAs much as we can, we like to point you to other voices that offer different, but like-minded perspectives on disciple-making. Barry Cooper is one such voice. Currently, he is in the middle of a five-part series on the 9Marks blog. In each of the five posts, Cooper discusses a different reason that churches and individual Christians may not be discipling well.

The point is not to be negative or focus on weakness, but Cooper realizes that unrealized problems are rarely ever fixed. So take his reasons we don’t disciple and make them starting blocks from which you and your church can begin to disciple better.

You can access part 1 here. Be sure to keep up with the rest of his five insights for more eye-opening aid in your struggle to persevere as a faithful disciple-maker.

9Marks is a great ministry that focuses on building healthy churches. For more about them, explore the rest of their super helpful website.


Multiply EmblemHope is making disciples in Canada, but it isn’t going exactly like she expected. Outmatched, overwhelmed, and underprepared, she is being hit with the reality of her own inadequacy and desperate need for God. Here’s her story, in her own words.

I’d like to share my discipleship story and ask you to pray for me.  Last fall, I began to ask the Lord to bring people into my life that actually wanted to be discipled. I live in a “religious” part of our Canadian province, and many people just don’t want to be discipled.  Life is just too busy for that!

So, around Christmas time, I felt a gentle nudge to befriend a lady who had tragically watched her husband drown while saving their only child and, as a result, suffered from post traumatic stress.  We connected, and God has greatly blessed both of us in our friendship.  But, it hasn’t been what I thought it would be.  It’s slow going and certainly requires lots of grace and patience.  She seems to be seeking God and searching, truly hungry for love, but is presently looking in earthly relationships to fill this void.  She is also being pursued by a married “Christian” man. 

Then, shortly after Christmas, a friend that I hadn’t been connected with for a long time was brought back into my life.  She apologized to me for the way she had treated me and then proceeded to tell me her story, which she had been attempting to suppress for years.  She had been sexually abused for many years, starting when she was four years old.  Currently, her “Christian” husband is being unfaithful to her and telling her that she is the reason he is doing this.  She believes this and is broken-hearted that she is the cause for “ruining” a godly man.  SO much pain and damaged emotions wrapped up in this precious lady’s life.  Amazingly, God has opened the way for her to accept a few truths from me.  However, she does not believe that God is good right now, so trusting Him is an issue.

I truly believe that God has answered my prayer by giving me these two ladies as disciples, and I believe He is going to do great healing and bring them into His Light and Life.  Will you please pray that I will abide in Him and have wisdom, love, patience, and grace in the process. 

This is not what I expected discipleship to be like at all, but it is amazing to know that Christ is living through me.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 4.25.58 PMIn our last post, we highlighted a story about two young engineers who have their sights set on reaching people in their community with the good news of Jesus. How are Mitch and Cory engaging the community they live in? By being Cub Scout leaders. However, another true answer would be, in the context of a missional community. If you read their story, you may have noticed this phrase, and you may or may not have been familiar with it. If it seemed peculiar or mysterious to you (and for that matter, even if it didn’t) we’d like to draw your attention to an article written by Texas pastor Todd Engstrom in which he explains.

Engstrom’s article is titled, “What Makes a Missional Community Different?” Different than what? A community group, a Bible study, and a small group, for starters, though he’s not saying that those terms are wrong or that the term “missional community” is right. Yet generally, Engstrom also shows how the ideas behind missional communities are different from the idea that someone should attempt to make disciples lone-ranger-style. The difference is huge, and if we are seeking to effectively make disciples as the body of Christ, we would do well to consider some of the vital truths and practical help that Engstrom offers as he encourages missional communities… whether we call them that or not.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 10.44.39 AMMitch and Cory work as engineers in Huntsville, Alabama. However, you may not peg them as young professionals from seeing where they live or what they do in their free time. Through God’s providential hand, they are now making disciples where they least expected to.

“It all started with a simple question, ‘Would you guys be interested in helping out with Cub Scouts?’ I think we literally laughed in Keri and Shellie’s face,” says Mitch.

What began as doubtful laughter turned into grace-drive service. Let me introduce you to Mitch and Cory – not the engineers, but the Cub Scout leaders. Here’s their story.

For more information about Shattered, the magazine that published this article, be sure to check out their website.